God's on our side

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Shopo, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Well it all started on Friday where me and my three buds went and picked up a quarter. Well we bought the bag and eventually headed home. We got too his house and started lighting up his bong. Well at the time no one was home so we thought we were fine. We here a loud noise and the garage opens that were in. My friend's mom came home! she pulls in the garage and all of us are just sitting there. Well she gets out of the car walks over to the bong. Takes it and asks for a hit. were all like wtf. We were confused as hell to be honest. She didn't care at all that we were smoking and she took a huge ass hit. anyways. the next day we head up to a local ski resort. This resort has a gondola ride to the top and we were planning on hot boxing it. We get into the gondola and realize we dont have a lighter. Well again we start freaking out but then we look down and there's matches on the ground!!! it's like god was 100% for us. Anyways we have a good time the whole day snowboarding and stuff. At the end of the day we had about a dub's worth of maryj left but nothing to smoke out of cause the kid that had the pipe left. We're eating some red vines and think too our selfs. Would it work? it did! We bit off the ends of the red vine so the hollow points were out. We stuffed the end of the vine and lit it up. It worked like a champ. All in all it was a pretty sweet and lucky weekend haha
  2. Sounds like a fun time. I also love blazing in gondolas and then shredding the mountain.
  3. thats fuckin luckyyyyyyyy
  4. What exactly are red vines?
  5. [​IMG]

    I prefer twizzlers
  6. You smoke twizzlers?
  7. Dude, for smoking out of a fucking twizzler, you're my new role model, haha.
  8. red vines as pipes?

    seriously, you are a genius
  9. So did you actually smoke the Red Vine? I bet those were some tasty hits.
  10. The weed god
  11. wow dude, +rep for converting a stoner snack into a pipe instantly, haha, only thing i ever thought to use them for was a straw...

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