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which of these gods of piece would u most want to hang with and smoke with for a day?

  1. jimi hendrix- a nice oz. of purple haze

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  2. bob marley- a fatty spliff of jamaican red hair

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  3. jerry garcia-sensy buds

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  4. marilyn manson-that wacked out rainbow colored shit that grows on the moon

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  5. pink floyd-all most any weed cuz those fucks trip ya out no matter what the fuck ur smoken'

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  6. slayer-pull sum fish tank and 5 gallon bucket gravity's with sum crazy ass white rhino nuggs...

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  7. jimmy page and robert plant of led zepplen- bong after bong of panama red...

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  8. kurt cobain-neon ganja smoked through a finely tuned vaperizer

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  9. trent reznor of nine inch nails-durban poison rolled tightley in a fatty...

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  10. jim morrison-a hydro-filled joint dipped in lsd 27 liquid

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  1. if u could hang with any of these musical gods, which would it be??? dont even waste ur time if ur looking for rap tho.....those fucks r talentless......espcially that punk ass bitch eminem.............later stoners!


    BuRnOuT oN pAuSe...
  2. Sad that you limit your music horizons, even sadder that you flame on others for their choices. I am by NO stretch of the imagination, a rapper type. In fact you'd be hard pressed to fit me into any kind of stereotype. I'm an O.F.F., with cowboy roots, long hair (Down to my ass), that enjoys ALL types of music!!!
    I respect your right to dislike styles of music, but don't believe you should dis others for their choices.
    Try gettin' real Blazed and checkin' out some type of music, you don't usually listen to, (OBJECTIVELY), and see if you can discover the "art" inside the music.You just might be surprised!! :smoking:
  3. Jerry Garcia, although you know im wanting to toke it up with near all of them. Ill listen to anything. =)

  4. Hendrix man. Even tho I heard he didn't smoke that often he is just a musical genious and being a guitar player myself, I would love to chill with him and learn anything he could teach. As for having a broad taste in music I'm all about that. I like rap, alternative, techno, classic rock, you name it. Pretty much everything but country and classical (altho I do like some classical).

  5. Lmao, no woody, I just hate to see anybody miss a chance to hear the art & magic in all forms of music. :smoking:
  6. this one was easy, hmm i wonder who else voted for page & plant? *swoon*

    toker420(and anyone who's thinking of jumping the "genre-hating" bandwagon), this forum is not limited to just the music YOU listen to. there is plenty of room in this forum for music lovers of ALL genres of music, and bashing of other types of music will not be tolerated here. i left your post untouched because the freedom of speech and the opinions of others are valuable to me ~ but please know that this forum will not tolerate any further disrespect towards other types of music.

    music is the expression of emotions converted into sound ~ no matter if it's rap, classic rock, punk, country, etc, someone is pouring their heart out. if you don't like the music in and of itself, at least respect that other people just might, and try to keep your comments a little more tasteful. thanks! :)

    now, i'm off to go pack the bong w/ robert and jimmy. they said they'd play "tangerine" and "out on the tiles" just for me. anyone else want to join? special requests?

  7. sorry dude for gettin ya all fired up but i dislike rap more when i'm high.......thats what made me start getting annoyed by it...i used to be able to put up with it but now when i get stoned espially, it just seems pointless to listen to.........just figured i would put my opinion in and everyone has a different one.......just like evryone has a different opinion on the gods of rock vote like my vote doesn't count cuz i can smoke with any one of those artist cuz i got all of them on live boot legs and concert video's.....such as hendrix at wood stock, pink floyd "the wall", led zeplyn live at the garden, and the song remains the same, marilyn manson "god is in the tv", and bob marley/bob dillion duo" live at the buddicon" and a few others..........peace love and BoNg PoWeR!
  8. i gotta go with hendrix, but since the hater discluded rap i have no other choice, but i guess i'd rather hang out with hendrix
  9. I have to say that I would have voted Jimi Hendrix were it not for the super large amount of respect that I have for Jim Morrison- Hendrix was a kick ass guy who played some kick ass music. Morison was part of some kick ass music too and they are on a par- but morrison was just an overal legend as well- it were a tough choice...
  10. hmmm manson because most of those guys are dead and i dont want to b around a stinking body :D
  11. Same here, eome.

    It was a tossup between Hendrix and Morrison. I chose Hendrix because I think he expresses himself more thoroughly with his guitar than anybody can with their voice.

    Plus he just seemed to be a more outgoing guy and more fun to be around. Morrison seemed introverted to me.

    Oh, and Hendrix got a whole ounce to smoke for the day. :D

    Wow ganja, I was feelin' just about the same way you were about this thread opener. Almost worthy of the ax, but perhaps worthy of staying that way in the hopes of teaching others what not to do.

    (I rather dislike rap music because .......... would have been more acceptable)

    And right on cowboysaxman. I consider myself someone who would rather not have to listen to rap, but I find myself giving it more of a chance internally and I try to feel what the music is trying to tell me. (It took me a long time to even consider rap as music being as how it was just rhythmical talking.)

    Some times I don't like the message, but that happens with any style of music with lyrics.
  12. budburner how could i close a thread that has something to do with bongload after bongload of panama red w/ half of zeppelin? or, an oz of purple haze with hendrix? or?

    as for rap, it's not MY favorite either, but i'm not going to dis on it, and some of it is pretty decent. i'm all-ears for any type of music that catches my ear/heart :)

    have fun fantasy-tokin, everyone!!
    *puff puff* here robert, you're next :D

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