Gods must be strong!!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by jackroyjonny, May 29, 2009.

  1. i get so high to deliberatly enter god dimension. this only happens with 2 certain drugs that are non hallucination. so i do a megahit and turn the lights off i then bear witness to gods bodies that come from way under the concrete and my two left feet!!!:eek:
  2. fuck
    was it crack?
  3. O shit thats intense tell big J i said whats good
  4. i will speak the truth on entering god dimension only for those only with status and nobility...-the grain
  5. the fuck?
  6. Mescaline and Salvia?
  7. its probly satan playing a trick on you.
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  8. OP, you can't make a thread like this which will naturally make us all curious and then say you'll only reveal the drug cocktail to those with "status and nobility". that's a pretty sheisty thing to do.
    just fucking man up and tell us, or else this is a big fat waste of server space.
  9. You smoking some rock mane?? what the hell were you on!
  10. I have the status and the nobility. Fill me in :cool:
  11. Lol, I love when people post threads here when they're fucked out of their minds. Most people think it's spam, but I just find it hilarious.
  12. My status: Caucasian heterosexual male.
    My nobility:I was once a captain for my basketball team in gym.

    .....am I in?
  13. What if you don't believe in gods?

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