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God's Gift, Triple X, Special K

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MDS, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Gotta love Sacramento prices.

    Bought an ounce of God's Gift for $150, a gram of Triple X for $20, and an eighth of Special K for $35 :wave:

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  2. First bud looks divine.
  3. God gift
    Gods Jizz
  4. i know that bud in the first pic stank like something rotten OP, id take 64 zips please, keep green stay stoned and legalize or decriminalize, f*ck medical
  5. Special K, bad name for a strain, just reminds me of Ketamine.

    Ooooother than that, nice grabs.
  6. it already is lol, but yeah we're striving for legalization although i love the access of bud i have thanks to medical i say fuck that shit and legalize it.
  7. hehe special k
  8. Very nice bud :)

    Never had any of those strains, def seen them on the menus thou
  9. God's Gift was the loudest of the lot. I picked that strain up from a buddy who grows it. Wasn't aware of how great it was until I checked it out further. Knocks you on your ass!
  10. [quote name='"Two-One"']Special K, bad name for a strain, just reminds me of Ketamine.

    Ooooother than that, nice grabs.[/quote]

    Your say that like its a bad thing :p

    Dank buds op
  11. God's Gift is the dankest bud I ever smoked
  12. mmmm i can smell that thick indica aroma from the gods gift from here
  13. How is it 150 for the oz but 20 a gram and 35 a eigth for the other stuff?

    Great weed OP

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