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God's Breath?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Olesmoky, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. So some girl tells me this "God's Breath" which is a strain of weed? Is some one hit shit that gets you baked for 45 minutes?

    Anybody heard of "God's Breath"?
  2. Haha I thought this thread was a discussion of what god's breath would smell like

  3. prolly smells like dank, some dank that if a human smelled their nose would jump off their face, come to life, take out a bag of weed and a bong, pack a bowl, light it up, take a fat ass hit, then hop back onto his face...
  4. I've smoked a strain from my dad's grow called "God Bud" a few years ago. That was definitely some one hit quit shit. Amazing, amazing weed. I was definitely baked for longer than 45 minutes though...usually am lol
  5. So far nobody has heard of it? :rolleyes: damn.
  6. never heard of gods breath but i've smoked and owned some gods gift!
  7. Its probably something like that but the cunt selling it decided to put his own spin on it, that or the name got changed slightly by mistake as it was passed from person to person.
  8. Wasn't that a strain on the movie grandmas boy?
  9. could be a hybrid of gods gift and lambs breath
  10. God's Breath

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  11. most names aren't reliable, usually medical dispensaries will be consistent but even then it can fluctuate. i hope its dank though! =D
  12. I heard of god's gift. I smoked that and I was knocked out.
  13. i have smoked gods breath and it was the gnarliest bud i've ever had in my entire life:hello: the nugs were pink purple and blue with white trics everywhere
  14. yah i actually picked up some bud called gods breath the other day or thats what my dealer called it it deffinitley was pink purple and blue and was a very nice long high i think it is truly out there it also had a very fruity smell to it and tasted really nice on the exhale very nice bud
  15. ive had gods gift. and kali god( kali mist X gods gift)
  16. "gets you high for 45 minutes" damn what schwag is that!! shit i smoke gets me baked good n proper for at least triple that

    unless of course you dont smoke as much/poor smoking experience and you peak way too early
  17. Yeah this was before I knew as much as I do about weed, as well as how dumb this girl is.
  18. 45 minute high sounds like reggie to me.
  19. I want this shit. Good fuckin job. lol.
  20. I just grabbed some gods breath from a buddy that grows it. Can't wait. Apparently its a combination of lambs breath and gods gift. Haha it grows outside in canada! :D

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