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  1. The idea I'm proposing questions the nature of man, his beliefs and behaviours, and therefore I believe it should be in the philosophy section and not the religious section. Now let's get on with this.

    For the sake of this argument let's all agree that God, whichever version yoy believe in, created the universe.

    Now, what if I said God created us in his image to one day become just as powerful as himself? That may have been said in the bible or somewhere else, and the idea I'm proposing might not be anything new, but try and follow. What if he made us "intelligent" so that we should question his existence? What if he planned out everything, just like it's said in the bible, and we are just playing into his hand by doubting him? What if the reason we feel that emptiness inside us is because we still haven't had that cathartic spiritual revelation? What if thinking is our downfall? What if all that's needed is a leap of faith?

    When are you happiest? When you're high or sober? Many people have spiritual experiences while high, and it is a known fact that when we're high certain parts of our brain don't communicate effectively or even shut down. Now when our brain is in this state, we think less and we come up with things that do not make sense when we're sober. Then again faith, love and hope never make sense to people who over-think things, right?

    Now, what if I told you I actually don't exist? What if you're the only existing "human" and I'm a higher being trying to remind you of the truth you once knew? Would you take that leap of faith?
  2. woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    but why Batman?
  3. cool thought, man.
  4. I've experienced god vicariously so I'd believe you, but I appreciate subtlety so I dunno.
  5. God damn it, Solipsism, have my upvotes you clever bastard.

  6. Easily. But then you are exactly as you say, as am I.
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  8. Say what?
  9. You are the only existing human.

    We all exist within our own reality, our own Universe so to speak. You could therefore say I don't really exist, as I am merely a construct based on how you perceive me.

  10. solipism is a very dark hole
  11. One that must be entered with plenty of light.
  12. Neuroscience shows that all reality is, is perception. How neurons fire controls how you view the world. People can have different brains, different ways of looking at the same thing.

    Solipsism is at least a half truth.
  13. You could say that solipsism is the truth, but that doesn't mean we mustn't be careful not to go up our own arses with it.
  14. [quote name='"esseff"']You could say that solipsism is the truth, but that doesn't mean we mustn't be careful not to go up our own arses with it.[/quote]

    [quote name='"esseff"']

    One that must be entered with plenty of light.[/quote]

    Lmao am I the only one thinking MATRIX here?

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