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  1. Ok, so, some of you might remember a thread I made a while back about a 'friend' of mine who is a dickhead about my smoking habits (always calling me a stoner, burnout, and the like, at inappropriate times and in front of people who dont need to know). Same guy.

    Anyways, he was always a dickhead like that. We, being guys, sometimes joke around about sex and other such nasty stuff. I played along for a while, befor ehe started calling me a pervert. This aggravated me, considering he was the one who perpetuated the stupid/sexual conversations. I know it's immature, but hey, we're guys, whatever. I know when to quit. He doesnt.

    So recently, me and a mutual friend of this guy scored some bud, and Dickface Magee wanted to tag along. I figured hey, maybe it will chill him out so I can come to school stoned and NOT get bothered for once (he always pokes and prods and wont leave me alone when i come to school baked. Really annoying and immature. Remember when i said he doesnt know when to quit? Prime example). So anyway, he comes and we smoke him out as a good gesture.

    Then later, the three of us are talking about getting more bud, and he (Dickface) tells us he can get it if we pay him. We object, saying that we smoke him out and that he should pay for it, or at least chip in more money than us. Then, the biggie: He calls me 'cheap'. Now, Im at the breaking point. We smoke him out, we expect him to return the favor (he is the EXACT kind of person who would leech off of everyone else for his bud and never ever repay them). I reply, "YOURE the only one of us three who didnt pay last time." He then tells me, "Stop being so cheap! For God's sake, you take money from your mom's change jar! Youre so cheap!" Now, this is true, I must say. Every other day or so, I nick a few coins from my mom's jar. Fair enough, considering the vast millions of dollars worth of weed she has confiscated from me. Fair trade, in my opinion.

    So the short version: Dickface Magee wants us to smoke him out every weekend of his fucking life, then accuses us of being cheap when we call him out and tell him to pay. When we corner him on it, he says he has no money.

    You guys will say, "Kick his ass! he sux!" It isnt that simple. I see this dude on a daily basis. He is my neighbor, and is in almost every single one of my classes. The worst part? He still walks over to my house on the daily for no goddamn reason, expecting me to welcome him like he isnt a Dickface. Which he is.
  2. why do you still hang out with him? it doesnt matter if he is your neighbor of if hes in all of your classes. there is no law stating you have to be friends with neighbors.
  3. Maybe you should stop hangin with him... or at least stop caring what he thinks. How long are you going to bend over and take it?
  4. I know, I try to avoid him. We are kind of thrust together, seeing as we're neighbors. Like whenever Im sittign at the computer, and I see him walking up my driveway, I go in my room and tell my family to tell him Im not home. The problem is, my family thinks he's the greatest thing since canned bread.

    I have known him so long, that when I tell him he's an asshole, he just laughs and says "I know." When i get serious and say, "Seriously, man, youre pissing me off," he just shrugs it off and continues. The problem is he wont take me seriously, and I fear that he wont until I beat the ever-loving shit out of him.

    Colonel, I really DONT care what he thinks. At all. But it's irritating. He says shit like "OMFG YOU WERE SO BAKED!!! HAHAH!!!" right in front of my sister (who is fucking 12, she doesnt need to know that shit).

    Another Edit:

    I'm going over to his house. If i can say it to you guys, I can say it to him. I'll let you know what happens, or something. I guess.
  5. i hate it when friends of mine in school constantly say like... "yo man gonna smoke pot huh!!" and they say it in class so loud that the teacher hears or a sub hears and they jus look..or they go "your a friggen pothead" and they say it so loud so every1 can hear...but of course i get looks and i just wanna sock em in the face one time cuz it pisses me off...

    but the rest of ur story...lol that kid sounds like a little bitch..he didnt pay and wont even throw in a few mor bucks for more...lol stop smokin em up mayb he'll get the picture
  6. I dont understand why hes a dick about your smoking habits if he himself smokes.
  7. well look at that...you answered your own question. :laughing:

    *you didnt ask a question...buy you know what i mean*

  8. Aha, nice av btw.
    Are you from LA?
  9. my friend is almost the same exact way. i am taking a different approach. i tell him to chip in, or to get the fuck out of my house. either he matches me, or he watches me.
  10. yup. 310 reppin.
  11. I have simple suggestion for you:

    Get a shotgun, invite him for a car ride to go and smoke somewhere. Get to an empty area(a nice clear area where no cops pass by often). Pack a bowl, and have him hit greens. As he is hitting greens pull out the shotgun and.....

    Threaten his ass. Tell him to stop being such a fucking hypocrite and saying immature and unneccessary shit, especially in front of your family and other friends/girls. Might seem a bit extreme, but by the way you describe him, it seems as though you need to take some extreme measures.

  12. Cool man, im in the 626 :p
  13. Uhhhhh..........no.
  14. sffan34, do you have a friend like this? I did this to one friend to teach him a lesson, a lesson he didnt learn through several fights and losing, countless things happening to his car. If he is actually that stubborn to not stop talking shit, something needs to be done.
  15. waht an ass muncher. seems like the kind of person you try to avoid like the plauge but somehow still weans his way into every situation. ok so BFD u grab some quaters from your parents change jar? i do the same thing. if i know its gonna be a hot day i grab some quarters for the soda machine at work or something.

    ya know... id say tell him stright up wtf he doing and bitch him out... i dont know if that would work. seems kinda thickheaded....

    dont smoke with him at all untill he chips in something (bud or cash).

    kinda like that whole "little brother theory" we talked about in sociology. they just cling to you because they have nothing better to do. now i have a little sister not a little brother. if i had a borther i think things would have been different... lik i might have wanted to be a role model and maybe i wouldnt have been puffing. no i was the asshole who smoked out his little sister.

    sorry for the rambling... ive had alot of coffee :)
  16. I say you lay your cards on the table. Sit down and have a man to man conversation. Tell him that if he continues to be an ignorant son of a bitch you dont want him around anymore. Plain and fuckin simple, stop takin his shit.
  17. i don't know about the shotgun, but roKa's right, it's going to take something extreme... like the little group of friends you and him shar cornering him and telling him what's up, it'll have to be confrontational, almost like you're half-circleling to lock him in a corner then your'e going to jump him, can ya picture it?

    i know he just seems to think everything is a joke, but people like this have to be treated with a little bit of violence or they'll never take it seriously (i think it's got something to do with how they were raised, the only time they KNEW they were in trouble is when they got spanked).
  18. grow some [​IMG] and tell the kid u really find him annoying and u really dont want him around u if hes going to be the way he is .. tell him to fuck off and stop bein a lil bitch about it who cares if hes ur neighbor or in your classes .. its not like you friends with every kid in your class caus ther in your class what makes him so diffrent?
  19. Okay, so I went over to his house, and I told him to stop being a dick, basically. He apologized and admitted he was being a shit-stick, and asked if I could spot him ten for the next buy. It was obvious he was up to more stupid bullshit, but I played along. I spotted him the money.

    As all three of us went out to smoke what two of us had bought, I told him I would be expecting to be payed back. He told me he wouldnt. I brushed it off.
    About 3 miles from his house, I stopped and said it felt like my back left tire felt flat. Since he was closest to it, I told him to get out and look at it, and after much bitching he got out to check it. I drove away.

    We smoked the 1/8 between the two of us, and Dickface Magee came over the next day, so I laughed and shut the door on him.

    Bye Dickface:wave:
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  20. thats bitchin dude thats a good story

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