goddamn right its a beautiful day!

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. [​IMG]well we finally got 2 straight days of lovely weather!! [​IMG] I miss wanting to wake up in the morning! forgot what it was like..when its been miserable, rainy, cwappy weather since may 1st with just about 2 decent days till now, its definetly a downer! so, just [​IMG]wishing the best for everyone today! enjoy your day wherever you are! [​IMG] I know i will be!
  2. beautiful, we've had some heat here lately but its soo nice in the early morning. i have so much to day, but oh well, have a great day everyone!
  3. HIGH All, glad your getting some great weather sensimil...now get out there and suck up some of those rays.

    Been breaking records up here on The WET Coast 32C Almost 90F too hot for us up here...I'll never whine about it though.

  4. I hear ya... Are you from the east coast? The weather guy said its been 7 STRAIGHT weekends of rain!

    It was really startin to get me down... thank God for the sun!
  5. Yay now i can go toke out in the woods with no trouble.

  6. i totallllllly feel you......

    I think today calls for a lil random case of getting sick at work....hehe.....so i can rock out on the beach like we did last night, just duringi the day........ i need some sand, surf and even more soooooo some god damned sun.....

    so if ya need me, i'll be at the beach y'all........
  7. It's been nice here the last couple days. My car really needs washing and I think I might get around to that and waxing it today.

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