goddamn right its a beautiful day

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. why does it seem like you throw up more than you consume
  2. Thats because you don't really pay attention how much you consume.

    Your body still has stuff in the stomach as well..

    I take it you have been on an alcohol benge again?
  3. its funny, cause I ordered food..a calzone, which I didnt know they made (smalls) the size of half the moon on a good day, and wings. I ate a few bites of it, and shared the rest...
    I didnt get sick..binge drinking, drinking doesnt result in sickness..but when I looked at the food sitting there, maybe it was the rigotta cheese and flashbacks of beached whales in string bikins at the beach that gave me a feeling of regurgitation...I dunno...but nevertheless, yeah after being quiet and easy on the liver for quiet sometime, I went a drinking the fire water. im doing good, not fights, no tempers lost, just my mind for a little while. and I can still type. so thats always a good indication. I just needed a break...things have been getting to me. I miss my brother (moved to oregon a few months ago) hes my sanity. he offers for me to go out there and get away for a little bit. ive been thinking about it...but i just dont know what to do, the pressure gets to me, I feel as though the rents want me to just make up my mind and go get a career, but they dont even know me like that, if they were to know the real me, they wouldnt like it much. i feel like im stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    SO MUCH for that buzz! :) wow that was a little lift of the shoulders kinda vent. nice. ok..so who wants a frozen blender drink?

  4. binge..its binge :)
  5. ok first of all i just saw jerry do stand up last saturday. fucking hilarious i love the guy. second shes damn hot, and third actually i did have a beautifual day here and fourth i threw up on new years too
  6. im REALLY bad at the serious stuff,
    but i wish i could giva ya a hug...


  7. awwwwwww! you just touched my heart, highawatha! not that special place where confused girls and horny guys like to get at...
    lol, well while this is my humorous lite side seeping out of my pores like the stackers sweat out in my palms, Im doing aight. like a happy, need this break from my head aight. :) just getting a lil loopy for a lil bit.

    ive never been to a strip club...

  8. At least i didn't throw up.
  9. i hate to throw up. but i love to drink. makes sense right?


  10. I knew I was practicing for a reason..i keep telling my parents college wasnt a waste
  11. Hey, I too threw up on new year's. Do I see a trend forming???

  12. Sensi does my spelling bother you a bit? Would you give me a spelling lesson?

    MGSHTUA <<<<what does that mean?

  13. we're coming to your town
    we'll help you party down

    when my loans bills would come to the house, I pretended like I didnt know how to read


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