godamn liar!!!!

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  1. Sorry for telling a little white lie people. I feel really bad. But I had a serious case of the paranoia's. my babies never croaked, they are both doing super!! They are in their 4th week of flowering now. Lookin good I think.... tell me what U think and if U's have a rough idea what strain they are. Cinderella99 or super skunk??????????? here's a pic. taken with web cam so it's the best I can do for now. Once my photos are developed from my 35mm Canon I will scan and post them, they are going to be awesome. anyway here's a peek tell me what U think. Peace out Crocodile

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  2. Yeah we make our own Whiskey, and our own SMOKE too!! LMAO!! :wave: :D:

    Don't feel bad, paranoia can be SAFETY at times.Big Poppa Puff always says "SAFETY FIRST!!!" :smoking:

    Liar , Liar , Bet ya can't wait till ya plants are on fire!!! :smoke:
  3. Nice bud,,,but I can't figure out why you had to lie to people that you don't see,or know personally,who don't know you personally,yet have helped you,and exchanged text with you openly.How do the members of grasscity fit into the paranoia?


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