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  1. I took a large amount of cannabis and layed in a dark room and I saw religion that there was one god that no one knows of who watches all worlds when he terminated the dinosaurs he gave humans their rola on earth and when humans became selfish and he abondand humans so that's why there are so many different religIons god let us believe what ever we want and the world will end some day of god getting really really angry and destroying us no one except god knows this date and he's just waiting for us to mess up too bad people need to unite and weed is good he said that. Wow this is deep. I smoke to much
  2. I'm so afraid right now I'm seeing shapes in lights but ther is no lights
  3. What do you mean you took a large amount of Cannabis
  4. I smoked a lot of weed haha
  5. i think you need to stop if you're talking to imaginary people about destroying the world
  6. How old where you the last time you where sober, 13?
  7. Jeez I wish I could get that high off weed.
  8. god never abandoned us we abandoned him
  9. [quote name='"Buzzwell420"']god never abandoned us we abandoned him[/quote]

    He never answers his phone anymore though
  10. atleast he called you. all he did was fuck me, didnt even give me a reach around
  11. Jeez...

    If you want a thread to be successful around here it seems all one has to do is make it about religion.

    All these threads do is bring more smart ass posts.

    But for the record if you saw that then it can't happen because the God "no one knows of" would be known by you thus refuting the ability to remain a mystery of a God.
  12. Use a lowercase g next time
  13. My god can kick ur gods ass! :devious:

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