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  1. I don't know what I believe about God. I don't believe in what
    religion has to teach. In fact, I don't believe God has ever
    once spoken to us. I don't think God even knows we exist.
    Or if S/He does, I think S/He keeps right out of our affairs.

    Life after death? Maybe.

    Hell? No.

    If there is life after death, I imagine you create your own

    But even if there's nothing after death that's okay too.
  2. you ever seen that movie 'what dreams may come' withrobin williams? well he dies and goes to heaven, which is basically your owm creation, so everyone had there own version of heaven...good movie.

    i sometimes find myself trying to imagine what 'nothing' would be like, and frankly i think its impossible. i think there has to be something after life. maybe your reborn. some religion says that your sould advances in levels everytime it dies depending on how you lived your life. for instance your a squirell and you live a good honest life youll be reborn as something more powerfull and smarter...like a tiger.

    recently i have noticed that im starting to think more about life and existence. i dont now why..maybe im just getting old
  3. I love that movie. I'd have to say, my opinion on God and
    an afterlife is evolving.
  4. ive tried to imagine nothing too, im mean what if there is nothin after we die we just die, well nvr no if there is nothin tho. im mean if you die and theres nothin its not like you can say to your self ok i just died and damit there is no heaven theres just nothing, you will just die you will stop. youll nvr know. i have a hard time believing after life or reincarnation and stuff like that or we have souls that just float away sum where when we die. i think religion is complete BS i mean whos to say which religion is right there are so many, whos to say that the christians are right and the egyptions were wrong or the indians were right. ya know what i mean. people that are all into religion are just that way cause of how they were raised, if they were raised into a real religious faimily then theres apretty good chance you will no question it and will always believe it, just like how we used to believe in santa claus but look how that turned out its the same fuckin thing. but then you ask ok who created all this, well its either god or the big bang well who created god, no he couldnt have always been there and what was here before the big bang, nothing? was it just black open space thats impossible too whats beyond that space where did that space come from?
    i just dont know
  5. god and religion is wierd stuff. i just dotn buy it.

    im fond of the idea that somewhere, sometime, someone had to just come up with the idea. i mean, if god came down and told one guy, why wouldnt he just tell us all...? so someone had to make it up, and i gotta say, frankly, im not buying it.
  6. But what is nothing? In my experience it can only exist within terms, just like perfection (arguably the opposite of nothing). Since nothingness can't exist without something to begin with nothingness is a false concept. This doesn't mean that god exists however, all of our base elements deteriorate after we die. They become as close to nothing as life is close to perfection.
  7. in every culture all over they world, there is a beleif of a higher being, or something after life. i dont know if its human instinct to beleive in such things or maybe there really is something after we die, and some how we as a species can pick up on it.

    if there i no such thing as 'nothing' then where does the mind go after the being dies? i was thinking that our minds arnt even in this dimension, but some how our bodie and mind can be linked between dimensions. that would explain some things such as precognition, ghosts, and life after death.

  8. yea a first i was going to say the mind jst dies or shutsdown when the body dies, but then i read on and when you said it could be linked between dimensions or linked between something i thought that was a good point. it could be possible but also the brain/mind jst shuting down could be possible too. it could be jst when we die our body dies and are mind dies and everything jst stops and thats it, people jst dont want to exept that that wana beleive there a point to all this and that we just dont stop.
  9. life is a crazy concept....we will never know how every ting works, or the answer to life....i likle to bel;eive thatr when i die i willl finally know the meaning of life and alll the other questions i have

    but liken you said, when you die there could be noting..... i have come to the conlusion that we will never know.

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