God this girl (and my friend) is driving me crazy!

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  1. There is this girl that I have a feeling that she likes me. We talk alot by text and facebook. I planned to ask her out and my friend says " Well shes going to say no, and she thinks you look like a rapist creepy monkey (mind you she just got out of a relationship and I got my head shaved, hence the monkey look xD). Then we were clambaking my friends car and me and her started coughing at the same time so everyone was like "OOOOOOOOO". I was super fucking shy though. Then two days later my friend is like "Oh by the way, Emily said she likes you." So I ask repeatedly if he is joking and hes like no, call her up and ask her out. I wanted to do that in person though hahaha. Then I ask him again today if he was lying or not and hes like Fuck you you faggot asshole. :eek: What the hell does he mean by that? Im just wondering why the hell he would do that hahaha

  2. Are you guys 10? Handle it like mature adults.
  3. Ask her out man.
    Your friend sounds like he has an ulterior motive.
  4. You should probably stop hanging out with ghosts.

  5. Why would they go 'OOOO' when you both cough?


  6. Whats an ulterior motive? If its what I think it means, hes already happy with another chick.

  7. I dunno hahaha they just did. They know I like her hahah

  8. So true man :p

  9. A motive which he is hiding from you (for example, he likes her, he doesn't want you to be with her). Sounds like he's just being an asshole and doesn't want things to work out between you. There's no way to tell if he was telling the truth about what she said.
    Just go for it.

  10. Well he seemed cool about it when he told me. Like I said, hes dating someone else and is in MAD love with her

  11. Maybe he doesn't want to see you be happy or something. If he was a good friend I don't know why he'd be fucking you about over what she said and/or lieing. If any of my friends did this to me I'd sure as hell be pissed off.

  12. who the fuck cares what he said. grow a pair and step up to the plate. Gotta learn why you swing n miss before you make steady contact. Embrace the calm before the laser show (i fuckin love dustin pedroia)

  13. By far the funniest shit I've read all day.

  14. Hmmm do you think hes just fucking around? He seems to do that alot hahaha
  15. this seems like a stable amount of advice I think your plan will work
  16. i can already tell this relationship won't work out but has potential to get you some head ask her out.
  17. maybe your friend got pissed at you towards the end of your post because you were being a pussy about asking this chick out. Even if she says no i'm sure you can still be friends. Even if not, whatever there is other women out there.
  18. I think what happened was you kept asking if he was serious and he got annoyed when you asked him again the next day so he spazzed on you. I don't think he's trying to be a dick and give you false hope or anything I think he just thinks your annoying lol.
  19. First off, dont listen to your friends if they give you advice they way they said it, being all immature and not straight forward...I say just ask her out on a date and take it from there, she definitely wants your P in her V
  20. Honestly, I agree with others. You have to just ignore the bullshit and go for it. If she's really worth going for, do it. Who are they to judge? All you must do is simply keep it cool, no word of any sandwiches or sexual referrences. Just be smooth, spit some game and hopefully she is laid back but if not then take this step. If it really get's awkward, and I mean so awkward you start thinking about what kind of shit you're going to have when you get home, well once it's that awkward, just pull your cock out.

    And that's what'cha dew.

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