God, the bible, what do you think?

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by greenmonkee, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. I havent believed there was a God ever since the third grade. To me there wasnt one. People say to pray but i think it is totallly useless. I prayed for my grandmother to not lose her leg and get better i prayed for things to get bettter. I even asked for help. I have never got any. The whole bible thing, does not make any sense. The bible just tells a story of a man named Jesus who was born and healed people and cured them. That makes him basically a doctor. The story was exaggerated. The other story tells you of an invisible man from the sky talking to people and saying that the apple is a bad fruit. WHATEVER These people had to of been high...but before I get into depth with this what do you think about this...Do you agree with me that this god is what us senseless human beings thought of because it has been passed down amoung the Jews and the Egyptians. They had Kings and Queens that they called pharoahs or whatever that were there gods. They did wonderful things for these people to make and have a nice life. Just like Jesus. He was a doctor who had the brains enough to invent medicines or methods to cure peoples illnesses, that took some time. Also by the way, Mary was not a virgin, not possible unless she had sperm injected into her. What do you think about the whole bible story? Bullshit or Truce or undecided.

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