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God, that felt good...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by telluride toker, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. Don't get mad at me for wasting weed, but last night I played a prank (I'm not one to play pranks, did enough of that in high school) that was great. I put a SMALL amount of weed in one of those tiny ziplock bags...

    and taped it to the windshield of a police cruiser.
  2. hhahha lol Good job

    Wonder what the piggy'll think of that when he finds it. lol you shoulda taped a joint then he could smoke it if he didnt know how to roll lol. But it is a cop and I doubt he'd b that smart to smoke it.
  3. PSSTTT!!!!..... umm... i dont know when they have the camaras on.. but usualy there is a camara in the car.. doubt if its rollin while not crusin.. but be careful man!!

    o btw, great idea!! they are gunna smoke it i bet.. you gotta find a cop tyhat is dieheart aginst pot.. and pt it on his car :D.. cause some cops dont care
  4. there're also fingerprints, i doubt they'd spend the money on though
  5. I'll bet somebody else takes it first... but then again, who's stupid enought to take pot of a police car

  6. The one who puts it on in the first place...lol

  7. lol. yep, that would be my guess too, although I'm not gonna go withing 50 ft. of that place for a week.

  8. i am defenitly gonna do that.


    then i'll post somewhere and movicam them smokin the stuff . ....


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