God smokes weed :D

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  1. Fuckin magnets
  2. Fucking gravity
  3. religion is like communism, it's the fucking best idea ever, straight up fucking awesome on paper. however humans fuck it up.

    and no I'm not a commie, a atheist or a bible thumper. I'm just a guy with a bic trying to make his way threw this shit.

    if I had to pic a religion it would be one where people are good for the sake of being good, one where something similar to karma is the driving force. I believe that people should be good to each other because being a dick is just as much work, I also believe that being a good person makes you happier and good things tend to happen to happy people, which makes them happier( it's a circle of awesome )
  4. Hail Megatron!
  5. jesus christ:cool: you all took his post way to seriously....

    CHILL THE FUCK OUT! community remember:confused_2:
  6. [quote name='"Pink_bagel"']
    Hail Megatron![/quote]

    Hail Satan!!!

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  7. God isn't real
  8. Dude! That is totally fucking completely genius! :smoke:
  9. That's just because you think if there is a god(s) that it has to be the Christian representation of 'God', the bearded man that lives in heaven. Just because religion, or at least the organised religions are a load of bullshit, does not mean there are no god(s).

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