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  1. and Science = Me.

    You do the math.

  2. Exactly. Science doesn't do itself.

    Except on particularly lonely nights.
  3. God=Man

    nothing more, nothing else.

    I'll be dammed if I am gonna let that bastard piggy back on our accomplishments :D
  4. agreed

    disagree, i think God=Mans DNA, and everything. i am god, you are god, but so is EVERYTHING.

    all is one,

    and that is God
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    lol Well if I am not greater than science then let this earth be damned.
  6. you can't damn anything, thats the irony

    man tries to prove it anyway, but he is still following the path lol

    its kinda funny, he just goes full retard
  7. science is objective truth, objective reality/truth = god it breaks false perceptions that people have

    science is the only thing we know as absolute

    i think the technological singularity if such a thing happens will reunite us with 'god'
  8. i think that technological singularity is made evident through our genetic correspondence with plants; one plant in particular...:smoke:

  9. lolwut
  10. Prove what?
  11. that somehow he is in a position to damn anything but his self
  12. but I just figured, from what's been said on this thread, that I am science and God and therefore everything all and one, but I am only damning me?

    lol this is lame I don't know what I am talking for anymore ftw
  13. i mean what is proven via scientific method when i said 'science'
    was an epicrushpost because i had to run to the bus stop for work

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