God = Satan??

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  1. -me and my buddy were getting blitzed and were talking, i dunno how it came up but we were talking about god. Then we came to the conclusion that God = Satan, heres how: Supposedly we are created in God's image, well if we have evil in us then wouldnt that mean that god had evil in him?? and since God is "pure" and isnt evil, then wouldnt that make him not just god, but Satan as well?? like Satan is just a name for the evil in God??

    What do you guys think?? im fuckin roasted and this though blew my mind......:smoke:
  2. It's kinda trippy, cause I had a dream that God said he is Satan.....
  3. Sho nuff.

    God is all things, including Satan. However when you see the seperation there is two sides, The Father and Lucifer. God is both of them, but not all at once during the Seperation. It's actually quite nice for Him, He sits on both sides of the fence so the grass is always green. (Lucky #Sleven);)
  4. ^^Thats basically our conclusion, and lucky him......always having the greenest grass, probably has the purplest too :p and Lucky #Sleven was a kick ass movie!!
  5. Ya I loved that movie, duality attracts me like a magnet- and the textures and outfits in that movie were so phat!!! I have to watch it tripping one day, it tripped me out just being stoned!
  6. if i were an arrogant seperationist, greedy for power and all... i'd probably claim to be god too. even coming up with all kinds of clever ways to coral and coerce people into giving worship to me, all kinds of ways of diverting their paths to thinking of me...why, i'd even have them jump at various numbers having implanted the suggestion that certain numbers or marks were/are "my number".
    yes, when you put yourself in someone elses shoes, whether that someone else really exists or not, you get a pretty clear picture of motivation*.

    * so important to know motives, and to know how to what motivates others.

    giveth & taketh. haha. nah, fuck the false dichotomy. sit up there on the transcendental plane, so you too can see "both sides of the fence". look with your god-head, look from the eyes of the ultimate observer. change. :)
  7. You're right that God = Satan, but I do not hold as true the premises you gave.
    1. Humans were created in God's image.
    2. Humans are born with evil in them.

    Number one first assumes that what is written in Genesis is true. I hold this book to be a product of its times, just like Catcher in the Rye.

    Number two assumes that everyone is just evil. Evil is sociologically "taught". People observe it and decide they want to DO evil. Doesn't mean they were born doing evil from the uterus.

    There is NOTHING wrong with your reasoning that GOD = Satan, but your premises are fucked up.

    Your argument just doesn't solve the problem of evil. It puts the blame on God instead of taking our responsibility for our actions. Then there's the whole issue of ethics which I won't get into, but basically 'what is evil anyways?'

    Look up contractarianism, consequentialism, virtue ethics, cognitivists, non-cognitivists, etc... I'm sure you'll find something you believe in just because it's against something else you don't believe in. (Sorry about the light sarcasm there but you'll go looking for somebody else's opinion anyhow and give their side weight by joining it.)
  8. Do humans have a natural tendency towards evil?
    Evil is really a human concept, in nature its dog eat dog,
    Does that make it anyless real? No, in my opinion. It part of society, the culture we have built for ourselve, and alot of people really take that for granted. That said

    Support your local revolution.
  9. The "Problem of Evil" is a philosophical stumbling block for us skeptics on reigion, The primary questions is ,If God is real, and God created everything, why did He create evil? Why did a personal, loving God create a world in which evil exists? Why did God give man freedom to commit evil acts? Surely, an all-knowing God of love would not allow evil to exist in His world knowing the future consequences which will be incurred.
    Isaiah 45:7, “I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil; I the LORD, doeth all these things.” if this is then what he says, is there any need for Satan?
  10. Good levels out Evil and evil levels out good, ying and yang - ching and chong , its all part our social evolutionary structure man, like- one is duly necessary for the other, the balance - morality, somewhere along the way down our generational social evolution- we invented the abstract idea of a supreme Good and Evil, God and Devil - to shadow out our own subconscious self convictions of our bare selves as animals, beasts in the fields, biological machines.
    So we shifted our dark evils subconsciously over to an abstract entity, and called him satan, ‘blame it on the devil' ‘he did it!' when in truth my brother you did it all, we subconsciously shadow our shame of these sides which are at the very core our truest nature. a balance<O:p</O:p
  11. god = satan, correct
    you passed the quiz :hello:
  12. "God sends meat, and the devil sends cooks". The souls rejected from God's vision of a perfect aesthetic for the universe find refuge in hell. God requires the devil to do his dirty work, to cleanse the flock in a morally-backwards perversion of darwinism. I wouldn't go so far as to say that God is equal to the devil, but they're not polar opposites as the masses have been misled to believe. They equally share good and evil traits.

    The greatest folly, though, is in viewing the concepts of good and evil as if they were absolutes recurring in nature, when in fact they're just semantic definitions we've constructed. An act of murder or rape is "wrong" when it occurs in a civilized setting in the same way that a vibration becomes "sound" when it passes through our ears.
  13. qft, though its worth noting that im not deaf
  14. First off, i never once stated that humans were born with evil in them, i just simply stated we do have evil in us....

    And second, i dont believe in something just because its against something i dont believe in.....i form my own opinion and beliefs, and personally, i dont believe in god.......i ws going based on the bible.

    And all of you have brought some great points into view. I didnt really think too much on it, i wanted to save that for an acid trip :p but its still nice to be enlightened a lil in the views of others

  15. It's only a stumbling block if you're hardwired by your culture to believe that God is all-good/benevolent. Also, you can't take anything in the Bible or other holy books as face vaule. They were written by men for a specific purpose in THEIR time and place and culture. By today's standards, most of what is written in the Bible is obsolete. It was written purely out of speculation as a tool for control. (My opinion: please don't offend yourself by my words via your perception if you're religious.)

    First off, if God contracted the devil as an agent to commit acts he deems to be evil, then he is just as guilty of those crimes as the devil. (assuming the existence of your definition of God and devil)

    Second, there are certain things that society just does not tolerate. Murder, rape, theft, assault... they aren't "wrong" but if you live in an organized society they have the right to remove you from it (put you in jail) because you're a threat to the peace. If everybody started doing these acts it would be primitive chaos. Therefore, certain actions are always forbidden even if they're not ethically "wrong". Persons of rational capacity can sit down and write down these terms and agree to them, effectively forfeiting any rights of a person/citizen. This is why you're more than happy to pay taxes for cops to keep the peace so that you or your family doesn't have to.

  16. Is that like Bing and Bong? Or Ping and Pong? Or Sing and Song? Or Ding and Dong? :p

  17. Haha! go on my brother!:smoke: ( ding and dong! sing - a - long!:smoking: )

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