God MUST REALLY love me?

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  1. happened last monday

    I had just smoked about a 1/4 O on sunday with me and my gf. Monday come and i hop in the company truck on my way to this boat in HB. I was hopping on the freeway and i was in line at the meter. Everybody comes to a sudden stop and i stopped hard so my jack fell off the mount on the bed and knocks this oil barrel over and its only 5 gallons but oil is going everywhere so instead of looking forward( i figured people had pulled up by now and i hit the gas to pull over and SMASHED this little protege. I wait for all the cops clean up crew ect. my boss then meets me at the accident and takes me back to work to fill out paperwork. im trippin cuz hes know i smoke and he says " he in like ten minuteds i have to go take you to drug test, its been like four hours since your accident so its stupid, but i have to take you YA KNOW" he says ya know with a huge amunt of sarcasm so i start trippin and have my boy at work pee in a little scope bottle for me. heat it up to about 105 F so itd be about body temp by the time i got to the test place about 15 min away. i get there and it takes like 2 hours i treid to use my freinds piss but they had a temp gauge on the bottle i "pissed" in. The lady looks at me and laughs and says "nice try, go again". I said i didnt have to pee anymore so she hands me this 44 oz cup, fills it with water and says " you can have ONE of these" winks at me and walks away. I drank like five. couple days go buy and im so freaked out everytime my boss it like tryiing to talk to me im like FUCK this is it. But, today im reall sick and didnt go into work and i get the call "hey, just to let you know your piss test came back perfectly clean, god job" and my boss hangs up. HOW THE FUCK i passed i dont know. i smoke HEAVILY everyday and have been for the past month.

  2. obvioulsy because god loves you more than amputees and starving kids in africa.

    you got lucky, so be happy!
  3. am very happy and do feel VERY lucky :hello:
  4. Maybe they mixed up the piss and someone got yours instead

    god must hate them
  5. You drank 5 44oz cups of water???? WHAT! Thats a lot of water. Did you mean like 4 oz??? If you actually did drink that much water thats probably why you passed...
  6. yes im sorry^^^ my bad. that much water would make your stomach explode
  7. Same thing happened to my friend...

    She had to take a piss test for her lifeguarding job, but she had like 45 minutes to get to the clinic so she just got some clean piss. She handed the little cup to the person, and they poured it out and said sorry, we need 45 milliliters instead of 30 (or some other similar measurement, not exactly sure).

    They gave her a glass of water and told her to do it again...and it came back clean.

    I imagine that if you drink a whole lot of water RIGHT before you piss, it's mostly just the water that comes out...right?
  8. WOW! These religious bashing comments are EVERYWHERE on this forum.

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