god it stink up in this mothafock@

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Laucass83, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. Can smell it 2 blocks away from home. Week 8 baby!
  2. WIN_20190531_15_00_53_Pro.jpg only "filter" is small Oreck air purifier
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  3. You should really consider a proper carbon filter...if you can smell anything even outside the room, you're not using enough smell protection. Your security should be paramount. Next to stealing power this stands as one of the easiest ways to get done, or ripped off. You don't want attention. It's not too expensive to get one. You should.
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    I'm Canadian, this is a legal grow FTS
  5. Well I guess that parts good...though I'd still make attempts to keep the smell a bit more under cover than that. Legal troubles aren't the only concern.
  6. I have heard so many good things about carbon filters, i bought a big one for my 4x4, used a 440cfm and had mighty negative pressure, yet it reeked up the house and our clothes..?

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  7. Hm, weird.
    I mean, it was full of activated carbon, right?
    Short of it being a faulty unit...not sure why this would happen.

    My experience is having one incorporated into a tent I had a few years back, it worked so well that not only could you not smell the plants at all, but the rest of the room smelt fresher than the rest of my place.

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