God is a mirror

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    Yes, God is a mirror :)

    God is the mechanism through which you are reflected back upon yourself. He does not determine what you experience, you do, through how you choose to manifest your consciousness. You have consciousness, which could be called your innate Godly nature(what is referred to by us being "made in God's image"). You choose to manifest this consciousness through thoughts, words, and actions. However you choose to manifest your consciousness, it is sent out to the mirror that is "God," and it is reflected back into your experience. This is why, in a way, we are God, because we create, yet there is still "God," for he is the mechanism which allows us to experience our creations.

    Jesus himself alluded to this concept(and no, I am not saying you must be a Christian. Please don't miss the entire point of this because I am trying to allude to commonly accepted scripture to help drive home the point). He said not to judge, lest you be judged. As you judge, so too will you be judged. This is alluding to this concept. How you judge is how you are choosing to manifest your consciousness, in terms of judgement. God is a mirror, and as you send out that judgement, by choice, it is reflected by God, and is sent back to you. This is also the meaning of treat others how you would want to be treated. How you choose to manifest your consciousness in terms of how you treat others is sent into the great mirror, God, and is reflected back at you and will determine how you are treated.
  2. [FONT=&quot]Without feedback, without mirrors, or companionship, or anything other than itself to reference, the singularity is isolated in a sea of potential, a sea of chaos, the Void.. the most basic principle of existence eventually emerges from the chaos, ‘self-organization’, order emerges from chaos, it has always been thus.. but, there was nothing to ‘organize’, no ‘other’, no anything ‘other’ than itself, and its ‘self-awareness’..and yet, the principle emerges in a stunning act of intelligent curiosity, the Singularity asks THE question that is its ‘New Beginning’… “WHAT AM I”?.. to know itself, it must study itself with unconditional sincerity, without prejudice or desire.. actually, there is no such reference for ‘prejudice or desire’ by the Singularity, as no feedback informs it of such concepts. Its all information and data.

  3. Our apparent disagreements and prejudice are the singularity's methods of self-discovery, thus they are not true disagreements or prejudice, but appear that way, so we/it can better understand.
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    Cause and effect. Everything has a reason (cause). That reason (cause) is it's answer (effect).
  5. Nicely put guys!
  6. Well said!

    It is very true, before I realised this I always used to feel judged, but I also always used to judge others.. I found that because I was judging others I always felt i was being judged.... but really I was simply judging myself.


    It is much easier to get along with people, to love all people, when you see that their negative actions towards you are not out of hatred or disdain for you, but rather they are a manifestation of their negative emotions towards themselves.

  7. Yes, and at an even more ultimate level, your negative emotions towards yourself :p
  8. that's a cop out. some negative actions are justified, they don't all reflect an emotional turmoil and generalizing them that way isn't helpful. if i were to generalize positive actions as a psychological defense mechanism trying to hold negative self-reflection in denial, i would be making a similar mistake (although I imagine this can sometimes be true!).

    i can't understand why people feel such a great need to shut out negativity. to me, it sounds like trying to chop off my left arm because it's the less useful arm. i get that people don't like suffering and so they want to get above it so it doesn't affect them, but even in just that motivation i feel it betrays a lack of appreciation for suffering.
  9. All suffering and negativity that you experience, MUST be experienced.

    That does not imply that you must ALWAYS experience it, though.
  10. Exactly.... you are going to have negative experiences in life no matter what, true tragic events, true unfortunate circumstances.

    Why fill up your head with a bunch of negative bullshit that has no substance in reality? Why not be in a positive loving mindset as often as possible?

    If you completely love and accept yourself, you won't have problems with other people. If you don't judge yourself, you won't judge other people.

    Look at it this way. You completely understand why you take every action you take, thus you can forgive yourself because you understand any negative actions you took.

    Any other person is the same way... Once you understand that everyone is viewing the world through their own ego you begin to gain understanding about their own actions, their own lives.... you can even accept your enemies greatest faults and forgive them for causing you pain, because you understand that, to them, their actions seem right. That doesn't make them right necessarily, but it allows for forgiveness, for love.

    This is what Jesus meant when he said "Forgive them, for they know not what they do", and "Love thine enemies as thyself. Sick in mind or asleep in delusion, they are still thy brothers".

    I don't see how that is copping out...
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    no, you mustn't experience either always, that's my point. you can't focus on one or the other all the time, and you can't focus on the cessation of one or the other all the time. and yet people focus on "love" and "positivity" as "universals" and fail their own ideals in the process, because those words don't mean anything if you ignore the contrasting aspects of those ideals.

    in other words, love is not a complete ideal. if you say "i choose love," what you are really saying is "i choose to be incomplete." you can't choose love without knowing hate, and you can't know hate if you don't choose it as well.

    positivity and negativity of acts and intents doesn't matter. it's a tired notion, at this point. acts and intents are what they are despite those labels, and in positivity there will be negativity and vice versa, whether we want to accept that or not.

    when i hear people talking about people being negative (or positive), what i think is that the person talking about it dumbs life way the fuck down. it's nowhere near as simple as that.

    Why not just be who you are, instead of wasting all your time trying to be one half and not the other?
  12. Well, as I always say, it is your choice. If you choose negativity, you are free to enjoy negativity. Noone is forcing anything upon you
  13. i don't know why i bother to share my thoughts sometimes. it's pretty obvious that even if they are read, some of you are simply going to ignore them.

  14. Let us keep in mind here that it is not so much the emotions themselves, but how we view them.

    So if I think of my greatest enemy, and a wrong he did to me... I may initially be filled with loathing. If I allow my mind to act empathically and to understand that to my enemy, he felt right in what he did, or at least acted in the only way he could at the time due to his personality, and to realize that I have acted negatively towards others in my past that I didn't think was that bad at the time, or realized was bad and felt sorry about....I can forgive him and find love for him, because in him I see myself. Once you see yourself in everyone else, that naturally opens up a greater capacity for love, as long as you love and accept yourself.

    I am not saying you should force yourself to love everything, but rather that we should strive to understand others... love comes naturally from doing so.

    Obviously every emotion needs its opposite to exist. But when we are filled with anger and hate we can use understanding to transform those emotions into acceptance and forgiveness. We still feel those emotions....It is not a matter of only feeling certain emotions, but rather a matter of dealing with negative emotions by acting in understanding, empathy, and acceptance.
  15. Kind of like how no matter what I say, some of you are just going to say I'm spewing nonsense, ignorance, substancelessness, and hypocricy, and believe in a "sky daddy," ay?
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    No, you're saying I should have an arbitrary approach to understanding that will limit me from gaining fuller understanding. I can love my enemy, but if I only love my enemy he will stab me in the throat. I can reach out to understand his motivations and make peace with him, but that doesn't automatically change who he is and this cynical revelation will save your life.

    At best, we should be noble cynics. It is as you said, it's not so much emotion but how to view them.

    ^ there is little substance in two line posts. that's just the fact of the matter, don't be so bitter. i only ever called you a hypocrite for being one while looking down your nose at others and pretending you don't do that. your belief in a god has absolutely no impact on what i think of you. the fact that you completely ignored my post so you could go back to garbageposting does have an impact on what i think of you.
  17. Well I do my best to love, and so far haven't been stabbed in the throat.

    I will love to my own death, if I must. As I have said, I choose love. If you want to hate for your own benefit, that is your choice. We all have choice.
  18. "An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind."
  19. I choose completeness. I don't feel any need to repress my flaws when doing so only makes them impossible to address without repairing them in any way.
  20. I do not supress anything. My love comes from total acceptence. I accept ALL. If you hate me, I accept you as you are. Any anger I feel, I accept it. I accept all, and loving all is the natural consequence of accepting and understanding.

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