God in dance

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  1. "Whosever knoweth the power of the dance, dwelleth in God"
    -Rumi, Persian dervish poet

    "Whosever danceth not, knoweth not the way of life"
    -Jesus Christ, in a second-century gnostic hymn

    "Some who cannot say a prayer may be able to dance it"
    Harvey Cox, '60s Christian theologian

    I personally find God, or at least have my own religious experiences, when dancing. It's not often, but when the music strikes me I can have deep introspective experiences while something flows through and moves my body. I don't believe organized religions, but also don't find music too dissimilar. Our preachers are DJs or MCs, James Brown or George Clinton, bandleaders or tribal leaders, and the rhythm is our Bible. After reading the book Last Night A DJ Saved My Life: The History Of The Disc Jockey I was moved by many of the passages, but mostly the opening:

    "Back when man was stumbling around the dusty savannah figuring out the best way to surprise a wooly mammoth, he found his experience divided sharply between night and day. In the light he was a naked animal, prey to those greater than him; but once darkness fell he joined the gods. Under the star-pierced sky, with flaming torches smearing his vision and armies of drummers hammering out a relentless beat, he ate some sacred roots and berries, abandoned the taboos of waking life, welcomed the spirits to his table, and joined his sisters and brothers in the dance."

    This instantly reminded me of many of the burner events I've attended, but more can relate to our lives.

    Do others feel the same?

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