god i was outta here

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by xmodnarx, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. christ almighty i just bought 26 grams of middies and last night i just tried some..lemme tell u after the first bowl i was gone by the second bowl i didnt remember how to smoke anymore...i was sitting at my computer zoning out...and it felt like i was submerced in ky gelly and it kept getting warmer and more soothing...and like the ky gelly was trickling and pulsating my temples on my head and it felt sooo good...and then haha i kept hearing this voive in my head sing anything that i thought of instead of just thinking of it...and it was sooo nice then i just went in my bed..put on my headphones and zoned the fuck out...i must say it was probally the best experience ive ever had with pot...
  2. Have you not ever wrestled in a kiddie pool of KY jelly before, Ms????

  3. Haha, nice one.
  4. ill wrestle in some ky jelly with you all. As long as it looks like the scene from old school, cough cough topless cough cough
  5. We need to get Sensi, and mslegallyblonde to wrestle in ky jelly and take pics! Show her what she's missing sensi!
  6. one time me and my friend...we've been friends since we were like 2 got reallllllly stoned and drunk off our asses were watching old school w/ some guy friends of ours and during that topless ky jelly part i'm told we took off our tops and wrestled for like 10 mins on the floor in my basement....lets say my guy friends have been trying to get me drunk and high more often since then
  7. one time along time ago, my friend got some kb. we went down in his basement to smoke like always. after 1 bowl i got so messed up. everythin kept moving and when he went to play ps1. i kept telling him to change the channel when he was playin the game. after that i can't remember what i did haha. turns out the guy he got it from laced it with somethin which i still don't know what it was.
  8. tournament anyone...? im down.....fuck some stuff up and maybe sneak in a lil astro glide too...:D

  9. hey...when things are goin on for a while.......stuff gets dry sometimes.....the astro rocks it propa..... plus it's always better then usuin a stick of butter....:D

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