God, I love this board.

Discussion in 'General' started by Blix, Oct 22, 2002.

  1. In my opinion, this is the coolest place on the Internet right now.
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  2. Duh, no contest ;)
  3. its my home away from home when Im home and even when Im not home its still my home for a nice soft place to lay my head
  4. i like it here

    I can coexist with other potheads

    but I can't pass the bowl.....

    that kinda sucks.....

    wish there was a chat room tho
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  5. Second to none!
  6. This is indeed a wonderful community that I feel completely at home with!!!! LOL. We even seem to have started our own church that I still haven't attended services for. Damn....I must remember to go to church this week so I can forgiven!!!!! LOL
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  7. Yes this site is the greatest ....the people are very helpfull

    Thanks to all the people out there that help
  8. yes, i love it here, its the only place where ppl don't call me fat! wait a minute, I stole that from cartman of south park. But yea, the city is the place to be.

  9. hehehe.......


    lmao! ams

  10. Speaking of hookers.........LOL.......My ultimate goal in life is to own a bar with a prostitute ring upstairs and call it SCREWDRIVERS!!!!!! LOL. I will accomplish this one day and be the ultimate madam!!!!!!!!
  11. Still holds true now. Truly great community where you can discuss a wide variety of topics and nobody gives you a hard time usually.
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  12. Oh come on, this shit should be illegal!!!!
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  13. So true. GC is the place that's helping my heart heal. It's nice having a group of people love you unconditionally

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  14. It is a top forum. I'm on another forum but I seem to struggle to get along with a few people on there. Perfect on this forum everyone is pretty friendly. Share to love :).
  15. Best forum i've ever had.
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  16. Then why dont you marry it?
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    I would if i could man i would if i could.
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  18. Grass City is a pretty good website. So many different people all connected together through a forum on the internet all because we like weed. GC is like my internet home. It would also be so cool if grasscity had a chat room like someone mentioned.

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