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God I love Hash...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Goggalor, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. It's been over a year since I last bought Hash, but today I got some really good Sour D hash, and I love it. Literally smoked a tiny chunk of bud with a small pinch of the hash out of one of those little cigarette oneys, and I'm still flying an hour later. My tolerance has been through the roof lately so this is a nice surprise.
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    I've only gotten to buy hash once. Old dealer of mine used to take trips out to Cali and always came back with tons of hash and unmentionables(where he goes to there apparently people don't even fuck with bud anymore because concentrates are what everyone wants). I got an 8th of a mix of green crack, northern lights, and I think white widow. I've never gotten a more clean, energetic mind-fucking high than I did that week. Also when I was chilling with him for a bit when I bought it me asked for a cigg from me and this chick I was with, took out some oil and completely covered the entire ciggs with it, then just handed them back smiling saying "enjoy". That was an amazing high. Dude was the chillest guy I've ever known.
  3. Just got some hash myself, my dude gets it from Cali every year too lol
  4. Fuck yeah man hash is the shit . Gonna get some from the clinic when I get home or maybe keif idk
  5. i love the feeling of the high from hash
  6. No hash around here unless i make it...
  7. I looooove hash as well, enjoy it man
  8. Hash is where it's atttt. Been smoking some wicked nice bubble hash (made from cherry pie if I remember correctly) for like a month. I usually smoke it straight though cuz I like feel like the high from the hash alone is a lot more potent and longer lasting compared to mixing it with bud but maybe I'm weird cuz most of my friends prefer to mix it :confused_2:.

    What I really like about the hash is how long its been lasting me. Whereas a quarter of bud will last me like 5-6 days, a quarter of this hash lasts me nearly two weeks! And thats staying constantly blasted every day. Literally a chunk half the size of ur thumbnail can last two seshes if I'm smokin it myself.

    If you really wanna get blasted though theres nothing quite like dabs of good bho/wax/budder. Shits expensive around here when it comes around but totally worth it to feel like you smoked a blunt to your face after only one or two hits haha :hippie:
  9. Hashish is always there for me when my tolerance decides to sky rocket :smoke: But if my tolerance is moderate, I'm gonna smoke/vape bud primarily:smoke:
  10. Bho hash oil is the future. Been tryin to tell folks back east but I'm not sure they really get it. I cant wait till becomes a little more mainstream out east and really I hope to be the first to blow a lot of people's minds out here by bringing it around.
  11. I make my own and it is indeed glorious. Its always fun right when you finish the bowl and you just wait knowing its going to hit you like a train very soon.
  12. I just picked up some hash, mmm... I love it! I got about enough to fill a regular sized pill bottle...
  13. [quote name='"scoopman"']Bho hash oil is the future. Been tryin to tell folks back east but I'm not sure they really get it. I cant wait till becomes a little more mainstream out east and really I hope to be the first to blow a lot of people's minds out here by bringing it around.[/quote]

    Can't find anyone selling it but I've made it a couple times with my dad. He went for a business meeting in LA and brought back instructions and a sample.

    I live in Ass-achuesettes.
  14. It's not the future, it drives your tolerance to the moon, if you become a daily user of it have fun cold turkeying cause it's way worse than stopping weed, there's a TON of crap BHO out there that is contaminated although there's well made stuff too.

    Weed is amazing, weed is the future. And BHO is already very mainstream in certain medical states, I'm waiting for them all to figure out the same thing I did.

  15. I lived in Mass for late '07 to early '09 and at least you can carry up to an oz. without worrying about getting locked up. Can't say the same for Maryland.

    But when it comes to the oil it isn't around like that which is ironic b/c in Cali I was hanging with some of the owners of hitman glass who are pretty much all from new england and boston area so I figure it must be out there somewhat.

    They have these glass tubes specially made to blast with but on youtube i've seen more homemade versions so it can be done at home no problem if you have the right materials. Got some boys in NC that have been doing it and im planning a trip down there to do a batch with em so i can get some firsthand experience. I'm still learning about it. Could you possibly tell me a little about the process you used to make it?

  16. You may be right about the tolerance thing cause those guys smoke it like it's nothing while i'm taking pot naps and waking back up again. There tolerance was way high. I suppose if it was more available I wouldn't smoke that only. I'd stick to mostly tree and use hash as here & there.

    It may be more mainstream in medical states but you can trust me when I say that to a bunch of people i've shown vids to here it is still completely alien. And I was lucky enough to have top notch bho. I know this cause we bought it off a guy named weezy and just recently I watched a vid where a guy was smoking some hardcore og that one the SF Cannabis cup which had came from weezy dabs. I asked my boy and he was like yea that's the same weezy, he won the cup. I didn't even realize just how lucky I was at the time.

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