God I hate america

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Che Guevara, Sep 2, 2002.

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  1. Do you know how america got rich? something called world war 1!!! the americans wussed out of a fight when they should have fought with the allies, no the sat on there fat arses and sold weapons to attack the allies then at the end they join in a pretend to save the world.

    you fat bunch of lazy nazis pigs
  2. your random outburst is totally uncalled for. blaming individuals from the united states for something that happened years, no, decades ago which we had nothing to do with is ridiculous. furthermore, you do nothing to back your claims, and overgeneralize worse than i\'ve seen in a long time.

    and really, i know this is \"pandora\'s box\" where everything goes, but i really thought this was a rude and, well, mean post. if you really beleive this about all americans, you have no idea what an american really is. you obviously don\'t otherwise you would never call us a \"fat bunch of lazy nazi pigs.\" especially in this forum, which is filled with some of the most tolerant, loving, open-minded, harmless, laid-back americans i\'ve encountered on the internet. that\'s just straight name-calling, which regardless of what forum you post in, is not tolerated here(that i know of).

    if you really want to debate this topic and get an intelligent discussion going, try using more structure and facts to solidify your argument, and don\'t rely on name-calling and overgeneralizations to try to justify your sentiments. it just doesn\'t work, and nobody will take you seriously.

    oh, and by the way, there truly ARE compassionate people with ambition who live in this country. i know a few of them are right here. :D

    an american and a fucking GOOD person.

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  3. Sorry, i was high on sum very polluted hash wen i wrote that, wich totaly fukt me up. I\'m have mood swings wen im on hash, and i dont no wat was in it but i was lookin 4 sum1 to blame 4 all the shit in the world. I also agree that the people on this forum mostly seem 2 be open loving people so i apolagize again. Sorry american people!
  4. The way i see the general public allways get screwed off they\'re govt...no matter what country you live in....i live in Scotland, and proud of it....however i am not proud of the fact that in days gone bye Britain was a very large and powerfull state and only achieved this through tyranny and oppression....\"make the world England\" was the saying....well how wrong they were.....they tried it with Scotland and failed...they succedded in other countries but only to give it back again when i think they finally realised that they had no rights to foreign soil......no politicians can be trusted therefore no countries as a whole can be trusted if they are run by these people....Peace out....Sid
  5. I live in england and i agree with you sid that they want everyone to be the same as them. Also Tony Blair won\'t stop kissing George bush\'s arse. Countries like scotland and new zealand seem a lot more free (although i have to admt ive never been to scotland). Did anyone reading this post see that tv programme about drugs (i think it was teenage kicks) with the cool scotish guy trying to get cannabis legalised? I\'m glad they found some1 like that 4 the programme.
  6. Well i have to admit that you\'re right about phoney Tony......if Bush was to jump into the river Clyde.....phoney Tony would allready be in there telling him how hot the water was...lol.....there\'s backing up an ally and there\'s going on a crusade for other reasons than terrorism.....i think Tony\'s too close to Bush\'s ass that he can\'t see the bigger picture.....Peace out...Sid
  7. I don\'t like tony (bush boy\'s lap dog) any more than the next man...

    but think of the alternative and blair isn\'t so bad:

    The alternative is a political party which allows this to be in a position of ANY power...
  8. hey i\'m gonna do a digit and start a poll.....Sidious for Prime Minister as a representative of the chich and chong party.....considering the opposition from Labour and the tories i think i\'ll win hands down....Peace out...Sid
  9. Ganjaphish, an excellent response to Che\'s outburst.
    Thank you Che for clarifying your original response. I can understand where you\'re coming from because we all get into those explosive moods, I know I do -especially after reading of this horrible administration\'s daily excesses with disrespect to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the latest of which will be to crucify Colin Powell, the only man in the Bush brigade with any heart, soul (no pun intended), or brains!
    I hope my prediction that they impeach Bush and Cheney comes to pass. I\'d support President Powell in a heatbeat.
  10. I don\'t really know american politcians except bush (and the ones on the west wing ;) ) but he really is dumb, i don\'t know why the american people voted for him. In british politics I would definately vote for the green party (sorry sid) as they are the only party that want to really change the drug laws, and have a reasonable backing, being the 4th most popular political group. I couldnt visit the link of anee widicombe, but wtf? she is a witch. really, if I had to vote for 1 mainstream politician in the uk it would have to be mo molum - what other mp has the guts to go on \"so graham norton\" (a british tv programme hosted by a controversial gay guy)

  11. Hey Zia,
    I already said that America\'s past was totaly fuct up, I didn\'t claim that there present was. I\'ll post facts to back that up as soon as I can be arsed too, MayB neva. Check out my other post about americans to see y I don\'t like the american government at the moment. Just cause I don\'t know the names of big political contenders it doesn\'t mean I know nothing of US policy (which at the moment seems to be kill iraq and then steal their oil)

  12. Hey, don\'t be ashamed of having an opinion and voicing it in a free forum!! That\'s the American ideal of freedom, the first amendmendment to the Constituition - the freedom of speech. As Americans, we need to realize that when our culture is blasted across the globe, there is going to be some resentment for it.
  13. The Green Party , what a joke don\'t let your love of ganja, and the color green, get you dazed and confused.
    There is a party called the libertarian party, which is spearheading the movement against our war on drugs and legalization. You prob. wouldn\'t understand, but true freedom lovers like myself (a libertarian) don\'t want to be socialist or communist, which is what the Green parties true agenda, and as far as world opinion goes, Fuck Ya\'ll
  14. Man, I thought I found a good fight and you all have toned it down.

    Oh well. Looks like things are smooth. I\'ll keep my big fat lazy mouth out of it. ;-)

    But anyway. If I would have jumped in it\'s just because I\'m defending my home turf. Basically, yeah, I know things are fucked up. And even I bitch and moan about the government some times.

    But I really am happy to have been born here. Even though moving to The Netherlands is sounding so much more peaceful by the day.

    And they say we are paranoid..... I don\'t know if it can be considered paranoia if they really are out to get you!

    Hey, I remember hearing on the news that the UK was basically kinda decriminalizing marijuana. Did they? If so…. Must be nice!
  15. My winking smiley has been decapitated!
  16. budburner - My winking smiley has been decapitated!

    Wat the hell r u talkin about?
  17. I can\'t tell you how many times i\'ve tried to defend Americans in general online, simply put, it\'s not popular to be American throughout the majority of the world right now, and the thing is, nobody around me seems to know this. Although most of the people I know think Dubya is a sham president. Believe me, not many people here want to attack Iraq, we just don\'t have much of a choice having a dumb, oil baron, freak for a president bent on becoming baseball commisioner before he gets too old.
  18. People on the left are so out of touch, and ready to blame Republicans for everything. They\'re all a bunch of whining, phoney, in-it-for-them nutsos! Bill & Hillary, Gore, Dachele,Carville...Today I heard some leftist Harvard prof. on the Hannity radio show who says we need to leave poor saddam alone, he\'s getting his feelings hurt. And they\'re teaching students that crap at our institutions all over this country.

  19. Yeah I live in New Zealand and it is pretty lax, all we do is sit round and smoke up basically. We have a cool Green Party which is pretty high up in government too.

  20. i am an american who isn\'t too pleased with america right now, Bush is such a fucking idiot i feel ashamed and frightened to live where he calls the shots. to this day it bewilders me at how he got elected in the first place. he even technically lost the popular vote. all i can do is hope he doesn\'t make office next time around.
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