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GOD- I am such an overanalytical STONER

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Alphå, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Looked like he ate them all to me ..... :confused:
  2. looks like he eats em all to me too man haha o well, mayb you are just crazy :smoke:

    i can eat those grande meals for a snack man, its not hard to do especially stoned
  3. yea.... he ate them all...
  4. :laughing: Maybe you are a very STONED stoner. :smoke: Good times.
  5. he ate em all
  6. I wish my computer wasn't A PIECE OF SHIT then perhaps i could watch videos without them skipping every half second. :mad:
  7. he leaves like a bite off of 5 or 6, nothing crazy
  8. looked legit to me.

    tacos are gooood.

    and to tell you the truth, ill bet most of the guys on this site could sit down and eat 10 tacos from taco bell. they are by no means big. the grande meal is just the basic tacos right, theres nothing much to em.
  9. I hate Tacos. All there meat is, is meat powder mixed with water. Fuck that.


  10. but it still tastes yummy! hahaha and its so cheap.

    ive heard the meat at arbies comes as a big tub of pink gel, that is put into a little loaf pan, and once cooked in the oven, the gel solidifies and turns brown.

    i dont know if thats true, years ago my mom told me her friend worked there back in the day, so this could be way off, but ive always kept away... 5 sandwiches for 5$... that cant be good hahaha.
  11. Looks like he ate them all to me aswell. It looks like he didn't eat the complete end off a couple, but nothing huge.

    I could eat ten hardshells from Taco Bell anyday. Add an order of nachos bell grande and three double decker supremes aswell. Don't forget all the firesauce either. Maybe that's just because I'm a fat kid and don't need to be stoned to do it. :)
  12. He missed a couple a bites but all in all he ate them. Not too surprising to me, my wife az my witness I can eat that dude(as well az most anyone I have ever met) under the table. My wife has to make me stop eating at 9pm b/c I will continue eating until my high wears off. I mean when I say eat I mean like bowls of cereal and icecream and fruit bars and 2 plates of dinner, Just to name some. I love to eat when I get high..... Hold on scratch that, I love to eat period... FOOOOOOD! JOE>
  13. the one where he goes, "this one is broken in half" it looks like he only picks up half and never goes to the second half. But taco bells tacos are really small, maybe if he went to chipotle and ate like 8 burritos i would be impressed because ive seen that shit done and it was disgusting.
  14. dude that's sick, and just a waste of money

    each chipotle burrito must have at least 400 calories (assuming he got meat)

    HAHA that shit was funny:smoking:
  16. whem im stoned i could probably eat all of taco bell. Well just the bean burritos, i'm a vegetarian so i can't really eat the other stuff, but i good eat like 10 bean burritos easily.
  17. asdf (just so i can search later and watch at home) xx
  18. i love tacos stoned :smoking: but it sure looked like he ate them to me
  19. no joke i see it too, but then agin im stoned out of my mind at the moment

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