god doesnt want me to grow

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  1. heres my story (its long, i wont feel bad if you dont read it haha)

    i had planted a seed in a nice big pot. with good filtration and everything

    i placed it about a mile from my house in some woods with perfect light and perfect everything. i checked up on it about twice a week and it was growing GREAT and strong
    came back one day..was gone..most likely eaten, everything was gone except the stem..which died.

    i took 5 more seeds, germinated them and planted them someplace else..none popped up

    i took a pot and put it behind my desk with some dirt and a sprout..the sprout got to about 4 or 5 inches tall....the lamp fell off, ontop of the plant..and killed it within an hour (i looked at it before..fine..came back in an hour..dead)

    SO now i took 20 seeds, did the ol' cup of water sink and float trick thingy, 17 sank. Planted all of them in a new spot with new soil outside in the ground. made sure to mix up the dirt, and mix in some soil. And than lightly covered it all with potting soil.
    My friend did the same thing with four seeds..all four popped up, two are still growing strong now (very strong)

    my last go at this, hopefully success..although there doesnt seem to be much light that can get through, but theres lots of other plants there (i dug them up) and most likely there will be during the day

    and if you actually read my entire story...thanks! :)
  2. It wasnt a long post at all :). Good Luck with your grow. Hopefully it works out for you this time.
  3. he's probally telling you to go indoors duh also not to sell and grow for personal use not cause of the money but cause you you might might get robbed go to jail or worse death PM me for ndor ideas
  4. oh shit I made some new slang ndor thats wasup lol:cool:

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