God Damnit...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ScoTTNoFX142, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. I was skateboarding to the gym yesterday and unbeknown-est to be...an evil walnut was out to get me!! On my way I hit it and my board stops sending me forward in the air. I land directly onto my Ipod and my music instantly stops. Now it won't turn on even when I plug it in. Great now the gym is going to be way more boring...I will kill that walnut lol.
  2. already deleted that...and I was hoping this could be a longer thread...see if anyone else had a similar experience...
  3. And this is why you should ride a longboard instead ;)

    Walnut > Skateboard

    Longboard > Walnut
  4. That sucks dude. :(
  5. That's the funny part really, I own a long board but I decided to ride my regular board so I could get used to it again. Oops lol
  6. That's the only thing that blows about skateboarding. A lot of times the pavement is bullshit and those little fucking rocks that make you eat it... AHHHHHHH!!

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