God damnit!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Token, May 3, 2003.

  1. So i come home from school all exited i run into the woods to check on my 10 plants(4 sproats and the rest hadn't come up) and i go behind my shed to find all my plants(exept one) tipped over and spilt all over. i got scared because i thought my mom had found them. but i noticed scratch marks all around. we have a bad skunk problem so they must of got curious. well i saved most of them thhen set up skunk traps and stayed up till 11:00 and killed 2 skunks. sons of bitches!

    well anyways i didn't think about protecting them from animals because they were an inch tall.
  2. was there any other vegitive groth in the area?like leaves flowers weeds excetra.if there wasn't thats most likely why ur plants were attack by skunks because there the nicest looking and greenest looking and juciest looking plants around but i've never heard of skunks killin plant?
  3. hahahahahahahahahahhah KILL THOSE WEED ADDICTED BASTERDS!
  4. wel the skunks probubly got curious. but one of the sproats had the leaves nibbled off. yes lots of veg in a small area
  6. poor skunk....it's a living breathing animal and shares the same world as you........why not just use a product called "skoot" that will keep all animals away?........Peace out....Sid

  7. You can get all kinds of animal stay aways from co-op or TSC
  8. Screw that dude. I would take a fucking .22 out there and blow their heads off if they were fucking with my plants. ;)
  9. no shit.. I hate skunks.. skunks are gay

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