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God Damnit Jeremy.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by greenesteven18, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. So My best friends first time smoking. I hyped it up to be the very best thing. I said your gonna get the giggles, maybe get a little paranoid, get hungry as hell and go to bed. My sister is gonna be there, its gonna be a fucking ball. Parents go to bed (christmas break started today, don't like smoking while they are awake. I'm 18.) We go outside. I hit it, my sister hits it, pass it to Jeremy. I say now cover the carb, suck until i say stop and then move your finger. He hits it and...... he blows in on the bowl he started coughing so hard. A full fucking bowl, all on the ground. Weed shrapnel flying everywhere. My last bowl too. He got high smoking resin, but.. God Damnit Jeremy.
  2. Should have made him pick all the weed off the ground and smoked it

    Technically it wasn't a full bowl because there was two hits taken out of it already
  3. On a complete side note, I'm high as fuck right now (Jeremy passed out and my connect works a 7-7 shift and gets up at 4:30 to milk his cows, so i went and got some bud.) So i'm doing the dark side of the rainbow and this shit is trippppppyyyy...
  4. Fucking Jeremy, I knew that kid was no good.
  5. Lol, don't you hate that? Whenever I get a friend who has never smoked before I always tell them to inhale, not exhale. Poor Jeremy. He'll get the hang of things :eek:
  6. We all know a Jeremy...
  7. Hes jeremy the wicked? Jeremys spoken please him!
  8. always teach them before they touch the bong. always.
  9. #9 OneOfTheGoodOnes, Dec 21, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2012

    This is the guy I feel sorry for.
    I don't care if it does have to do with pulling tits, it's the most thankless job in the world.
  10. Fucking Jeremy man...

    When you say your sisters gomna be there, its gonna be a fucking ball, what does that mean?

    Edit - so he works 7-7, is a dealer, AND milks cows? Why is something telling me he still doesnt make a lot of money
  11. one less bowl for the revolution

  12. Not what you're thinking.

  13. Lol. Lol. Lol. Where did you get bong from? Bongs dont have carbs

  14. Be careful! You're showing your age.

  15. Hehe i have lived for more then 18 years so im not gonna get banned....right?

    Also i guess a better point would be if jeremy exhaled and blew all the weed from the bowl out, how does that happen if its from a bong with water in it?
  16. Every time before I give a person a bong for their first time, I tell them that if they have to cough, to take their mouth off of the bong and turn their head. I give a whole "weed brief" as I call it to first time smokers. I tell them what's going to happen to their body, why their eyes get red, why they get the munchies, why they might possibly have a panic attack and what to do if they do have one. It saves a LOT of trouble and wasted weed.
  17. Fuck Jeremy, get it together.
  18. You're killin me, jeremy. (just say it like
    You're killin me,Smalls)
  19. cow milkers make 26-28 bucks per cow milked

  20. So what is that like 4$ per cow nipple?

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