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  1. Do i sure love those late night vape sessions before bed. Nothing like it baby
  2. Couldn't agree more at this very moment....I love da Buddha :)
  3. I think you're right, but let's not forget those lovely wake n bake vape sessions too!

    I love Saturday!
  4. Hubby and I usually end the day with a canasta game and a vape.

    Granny :wave:

  5. Wake n Vape
  6. When I vape, I get baked.

  7. When I vape, I get vaked. :)
  8. I'm afraid I haven't yet adopted that vernacular. Though I do like the concept of distinguishing between vaping and smoking.

    Hmm, I like it.
  9. it would be safe to say that it's fucking awesome. Most of the time that i vape, i vape at night. Nothing like ending the day with a fat oven :yay:
  10. Wake and vake... initiated.
  11. SO GLAD I got a vape again. I missed those wonderful vapors :)
  12. I do the same thing. Hit two bags before bed and I feel awesome.
  13. Two bags before I hit two bags.
  14. I volc' it up with turkey bags 24/7, skippin' frames all day.
  15. I'm hitting my Vapexhale Cloud that Santa brought me. Vape on!

  16. I'm on a break till new years, what I'd give for a late night vape sesh now.
  17. ..and then I vape two more.

    RIP Brad Nowell:)
  18. Two bowls on the solo before bed :)
  19. I couldn't sleep last night ,because I often sleep scratch and a couple hits from my mflb fixed that. I notice my skin has improved quite a bit these last 2 weeks , because i was on break so I was vaping more often than usual. probably due to the decrease frequency of scratching .
  20. I miss my little whip-vape. It was cheap but it kicked ass. Some day i'll get a new vaporizer, probably something nicer than a whip setup.

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