god damn why cant i get over my ex girl

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  1. its been 4 months...we were together from august 2008 until october 2012, we lived together for 6 months and were madly in love. she lost her virginity to me, she was only my 2nd girl i'd been with. we broke up because of moving and we are 2.5 hours apart. im with a new girl now, but im just not nearly as happy. i think about this ex every single fucking day, and i just talked to her a bit and she went to NY with some guy andis partying it up....and it quite literally hurts my stomach. this was the first time me and her had exchanged words in a good 3 months. i miss her so much. i would do anything to get her back. what should i do ?
  2. Break up with your new girl. Talk to your old girl. Move on from there. If she wants to get back together, go for it. If not, maybe spend some time alone to move along from your past relationship.

    Regardless of what you do though, your new girl doesn't deserve to be involved in this.
  3. takes at l east a year bruh.

    after my first(prolly last) love thats how long it took.
    shit changes man. youll meet someone else and forget about dat girl
  4. If old girl doesn't want you back then cut all contact with her. It makes it easier to get over her. And I agree with the other guy leave the new girl.
  5. You are young...take some time to be single, get some strange, most importantly sort YOUR bullshit out and get over your butthurt. Take some time to figure out what it really is YOU want from a relationship with someone and be honest with yourself about it, then go get it.

    Visualize and attack!!
  6. damn homie 4 months and already with a new girl and ur old girl was a 4 year relationship.

    Your moving too fast homie.
  7. fuck what most people say about "follow your heart." just be realistic with yourself. if it didn't work out the first time, the chance of it working out the second is even less
  8. He said it was because of distance. Something that I believe shouldn't keep people who love each other from being apart. You can't really say it didn't work because of internal problems. So there's definitely hope

  9. this!
  10. It sounds like y'all could have stayed together if it weren't for moving. That's a shame man, but unless she feels the same way then you'll have to move on.

    Don't tie yourself down to another girl already. I'm in an almost five-year relationship and you best believe that if we broke up I'd be nailing random bitches left and right.

    Since you moved on and got with another girl, you're comparing your old girl to the new girl. It's tough for the new girl to beat that. Your old girl compared to one bitch? Of course she'll win. But your old girl compared to every bitch... :smoking:

    Tame yourself some wild poon brotha
  11. Fuck "follow your heart" hearts are liars, or at least mine is. Man, i feel you. Ive been really hurt twice and the first time, i dayed this girl for a year and a half, lost my virginity to her, first kiss, all that good shit, and was fucked when we broke up i was so sad and i thought about her every day. But time is the answer. Just be single, and focus on you. Each day youll think of her less and less and then there will be a day you will not think about her. I remember about 8 months adter we broke up i saw her holding hands with her new guy and i realized, i dont care. I laughed. And that was that. But, im in the same shit now, i found what love is and i lost her over some bullshit that was my fault, and i kick myself for it every day. But i know that if im strong and dont talk to her, shell just fade away. You just gotta be strong and just let time go by.
  12. First and fore most, you really need to re-evaluate your relationship with this new chicka. It sounds like she's your safety net; and it's completely unfair to both her and yourself if you're staying with her while you're still in love with your ex.

    It sounds like she's purely on the rebound, and nobody wants to be in that position.

    Listen, any number of blades and bladies can tell you that they've been through something very similar before, and I'm sure the majority will tell you the best remedy is "time". Take time for yourself, explore your options and put yourself in a healthier state.

    Whatever you do, do not become that person who is dependant on relationships. You have to love yourself, before you can love someone else.

  13. Break up with the new girl, you're still hung up on your ex and it's not fair.

    Also, if you really want to move forward... cut contact with your ex.
  14. Tough call my friend. The best thing to do in my opinion is move on. If you can do that, there will always be another girl. Keep moving until you find one who is everything you want. Do an honest assessment of your ex and any girl you date and ask yourself, if you weren't in love with her and physically attracted to her, would she still be everything else you want? If you follow your heart but don't use your brain, you'll just wind up in a world of hurt. If you're young, you probably don't even know everything you want in a woman. If you're not happy with your current gf, find a new one. I wouldn't call your ex or tell her you want her back, just make her wonder. But if she starts calling you back that's another story.
  15. You would do anything? So move to the city your ex is in-- if she wants you there. Sometimes moves just come at convenient times and maybe a break up was coming regardless.

    Four months is a really short amount of time considering how serious you were. If you can't move to her, if you guys can't do long distance, if she doesn't want to get back together then all you can do is be patient. It will take at least a year.

    Oh, and yea, break up with the girl you're with. You're just using her to fill a vacancy. Don't be that guy.

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