God damn males

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by katana2k9, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. hey all got a male on one of my LR2 plants i know they show early should i just chop him down, it got a pair of small clump of balls on the inside of the some of the nodes
  2. well if you got balls...and you dont plan on collecting pollen, then yes chop it down(but take it out of grow space just in case they burst open and release pollen). If your not sure if its a male then wait a couple of days or post a pic and see if any of us can tell you.

  3. well dude if you see it you would sat straight away it was male, they are in a tight clump next to each node so you are probably right its chopping time
  4. where did you get your seeds,and why didnt you order feminized
  5. I once heard that cutting up males into small pieces (shredding I guess) and mixing it in with some rolling tobacco adds a nice effect to a smoke.
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  7. Why yes I do:rolleyes:
  8. hey war party again lol i didnt order fems because of the hermie aspect better a male and a female than a mix of both u know dude

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