god damn Kids! (rant)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by PintyHet, Oct 30, 2003.

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  1. I\'m 19 and still live with meh mah untill i get out of school(fucking sucks sooo bad). so anyway i have like a 15 year old little brother(a brother in the herb as well woot) anyway he\'s cool as hell but his damn friends are SOO goddamn annoying!!!!ARG@! in the past year they have nagged everyone to the point of merder over everything(give me a ride i want your computer come cut down my trees or mow my grass nag nag nag). then they fucking brought FLESH EATING MITES! into the fucking house that we cant get rid of. The\'ve destroyed my room(evrytime i clean it BAM annoying kids) . they set my goddamn bathroom on fire with my tourch. clogged my sink with chared remains of my belongings. knocked whole in the walls.STOLEN my cloathing(even cought one with MY FUCKING BOXERS ON. and this morning they found my goddamn weed cabinent in the closet...it makes no noise..no light and they still found the goddamn thing...now not only do i have annoying little shits to put up with but ima have to toss out my crop I FUCKING HATE THEM!!!....this is me angry..i usually dont get angry ever but this is the last goddamn straw *END RANT*
  2. Holy crap! I can\'t believe they got into your crop! And wore your boxers!
  3. *sniffle*
  4. Man if it was i, i\'d start kickin some ass.
    I would say you come back ill get ya,stike some fear in them.
    They got your boxes on,damn i slap them around

  5. OMG, that is so freaking hilarious...I literally laughed for about 2 minutes when I read that!
  6. i\'m now home from school..yes little shits open thier mouths way to much..specially these little shits..and i\'d just assum kill them then let them have any of the weed...it was getting pretty close to that already....think im going to beat the FUCKING HELL out of every last one of them...ehhe have a nice day =)
  7. Em it turns out i was trippin the whole thing about them finding the weed...i\'m sooo fucked up in the head damnit..thought my brother said \"pinty! bubba and chris found your plants!\"..........shoulda known something was up when no one even knew a chris rofl..then i got paco(little brother hehe) to IM him and ask if he talked to me this morning(cuz i coulda sworn they came in and said\" bet you get atleast an ounce outa those\")..but eh he hadnt...dear god i\'m going crazy
  8. OMG...i\'m 19 and i have a little bro who\'s 15 (smokes the bud too...takes after his big sis in that department :D ) but he ratted me out...my mom didn\'t believe him though thank god...and as long as your parents don\'t BELIEVE them...or find someone they DO believe (which was what happened to me...my mom found out from a friend of mine i pissed off that i smoke...it\'s a long story...i\'ll post it up if anyone really wants to hear)...it\'s all good
  9. eh well if your in a ranting mood feel free to post the story =)

    join the union! Ranters for Ranters
  10. Do you think that they would be missed dreadfully if they mysteriously disappeared? Joking. Listen, you need to sit these little bastards down and have a talk with them about the facts of life

    1. Older people are usually bigger people-they can beat smaller people severely
    2. Even if the first rule doesn\'t apply then the older person ihas more life experience meaning they can beat the younger person severely on a mental level
    3. You NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER let your friends find your siblings stash.

    Anywayz, all bullshit aside, you really should hav a talk with your brother
  11. i still cant get over the dude wearin your UNDERPANTS!
  12. been to london been to france been seeing some kids in my underpants lol
  13. Like another post said.. why dont you just kick their asses? Like.. when they come into your room get a foam bat and just beat their head in with it. I mean, with foam you\'ll atleast do no perminint damage... That\'s how i always invoked some control over people, you just beat them up, haha..
  14. i had a foam bat once .. used to whap my brother with it untill he did his homework rofl but eh he blew it up one night when i was sleeping
  15. maybe hes getting his revenge now on his nasty older brother who beat him to a PULP when he was smaller....

  16. maybe its time for a lock on the door or maybe moving out
    or maybe it\'s time to bitch slap some lil kids
    or im new and need to shut up but oh well
    this place makes you roll why your stoned as for some kids junk in my boxers i would make him buy me some new one or some bud for stresing me out and making me go commando he he good times all

  17. ok i finally hit a ranting mood...well here goes...it may be a long ass story so bear with me...

    alright...there is this guy that liked me a lot...that i really wasn\'t interested in...he was one of my ex\'s best friends growing up...but they hadn\'t really talked much in prolly the past year b4 this happened...which was only like 2 months ago...damn pot makes me ramble on and on :D...well ANYWAYS...this guy liked me...and he had come over to kinda hang out with me...i really wasn\'t in the mood to deal with him but said he could come anyways...cuz i\'m such a nice person...so he had been at my house for a few hours and i was getting sick of him being there...so while we are sitting at the kitchen table my cell phone rings...it\'s my ex...he wanted to pick me up so we could go do something...i really wanted to go with him to get away from this dumbass who would not take a hint and go home...so i told him to call back in a little bit and i would prolly not have company...(i didn\'t wanna tell him who was over)...so in the interum between calls...the guy that\'s at my house gets moody and all pouty and shit...i try talking to him but it\'s really to no avail...so he kinda warms back up and tries kissing me...i wanted no part of that...i was shocked but didn\'t let him...so i was kinda upset and shit...and wanted to take him home already...so then my ex calls back...and i tell him that i will page him when i get back from dropping off the company i had...so the guy was right there when i told my ex that...gets mad ans leaves...i was rather relieved cuz now i didn\'t have to take him home and i could page my ex and just go...so i am getting ready to go putting on my shoes and stuff...and my mom comes in and starts talling me that what i did wasn\'t right...i tried telling her that just like him as a friend and all this stuff and tring to explain to her...but you know how parents are...so he comes back cuz i guess instead of walking home like i thought he was he just took a walk around the block to cool off or whatever...so my mom says she\'ll drive him home...and i was all for that...i didn\'t give a damn at that point i was so pissed...so i went out to say goodbye...and he starts a scene...\"the only reason he even called is cuz he wants to smoke\"...my ex is on probation and can\'t smoke...i told him that my ex doesn\'t smoke anymore...but he wouldn\'t listen and caused a scene...my mom didn\'t hear the scene he made though cuz she was inside...so i go back in the house...and page my ex who comes and gets me and off we go...meanwhile...this guy goes and tells my mom that my ex smokes...and i smoke...and all this other stuff that a parent doesn\'t wanna find out...and apparently his mom called my mom too...and told her all this stuff about my ex...i dunno what in the hell this family\'s issue was...i TOLD the guy on numerous occasions that i wasn\'t interested...he knew it...he kept pushing the issue though...so it\'s not like i was leading him on or anything...i\'m rambling again...so i get home not knowing all this stuff went on...OMG...so needless to say i am in big trouble...my mom keeps this terrible eye on me 24/7 when i go back home...and i am not allowed to see my ex anymore...but there are ways around that...good thing i\'m friends with a lot of his friends ;)

    so there is my rant...and my story...but i still smoke...mainly cuz she doesn\'t have me take drug tests or anything...and i am in college 120 miles away...so she can\'t keep a close eye on me :D

    you wanted to know and there you have it...sorry bout it being so long though...damn that pissed me off...even just writing that pissed me off...

    *smokes another bowl to calm down after telling that story*

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