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God damn bro, is this what weed does?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ByTheOcean, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. So this week is my first time smoking weed. It's been interesting. I remember the first time my heart started racing, and my body became a bit warm, and my head started spinning. Everything seemed amazing, and for some reason my hands started looking bigger and my feeling sensation was enhanced. I tried turning on some funny stuff online, but I didn't really laugh. So i started high calling my friends and whenever I heard their voices I would burst into uncontrolled laughter. The second time I smoked was the day after, and I went to a comedy movie. The movie wasn't funny like I hoped, but the movie theater seemed amazingly cool and walking the streets of downtown blew my mind. I felt like i was in some sort of magical world. Going home, the light rail I was on seemed like a spaceship going at warp speed. Last night I smoked again, and I just opened the windows and listened to music while on my bed. It was amazingly relaxing. My body felt totally still, no aches no pains no discomfort at all. Total relaxation. Music sounded angelic. All these experiences happened after smoking just one small bowl. Right now I just woke up and I'm feeling kind of weird, im not sure if this is a high hangover or not but I'm debating whether to smoke again today or take a break after my two cool new experiences.

    I've certainly enjoyed my state's legalization.
  2. Sounds like a little herb hangover. Smoke up it will go away.
  3. The first few times you smoke are the most memorable in my opinion. However, the more you smoke, the more you build tolerance and eventually you will stop to notice and grow used to some effects, that's why most people at some point take tolerance breaks if they smoke daily.
    What state are you in?
  4. I could feel my eye lids getting heavy, balls and body tingled and I was little out of my head when I blazed my first blunt. My attention to detail was extraordinary when I watched movies on cable (to the point where you can really notice bad acting), my ears were sensitive as hell (Got up every five minutes to check on what noise I thought I heard) and the music I listened to sound amazing (Discovered a lot of bands that I probably never would've listened to). With food, I could taste every bit of flavor that it had and porn..........that is all. Thinking about it now, I had a pretty swell first high. On topic, I think you have a weed hangover.
  5. yeah, after you smoke your mind stays fuzzy and fucked up for about a day. it's arguably the worst side effect of weed.

  6. I wouldn't say a day. Maybe 2-3 hours max unless you have smoked a lot.
  7. This thread makes me sad because all of OP's experiences are such faint memories for me, now being high is just a pleasant blanket over my consciousness, nothing amuses me like it used to, nothing feels different.
  8. since youve got it legal you never have to worry about not being able to get some, you can take breaks whenever you like with the comforting fact that whenever you want, you can get. Dont raise your tolerance straight away, smoke every other day and hopefully you can retain that certain specialness that all us regular tokers have lost
  9. Totally miss those day's when getting high was a completely new and interesting experience. Not that it's not awesome after you've been smoking a while, but there's something special about the first couple times you get high.. Hope you enjoyed it :smoking: And the weed hangover thing happens to me to. I've actually goent high one night, the next day woken up a little fuzzy and weird, then a couple hours into the day suddenly felt as if I had just smoked a bowl or two again. Anyhow, cheers!
  10. That's the herb alright. I remember those days. Anyways, yup, just a simple herb hangover. Happens to all of us. :) Enjoy these new experiences. ;)
  11. Don't become burnouts like the dude up there that says nothing is different anymore....

    it's good to have a balance between the high/sober mind. enjoy yourself,find some awesome activities to do with your friends, and while alone. discover new music every chance you get.

    let weed ENHANCE your life, don't let it become your life
  12. Burnout? You talking about me? I started in august man, I've MAYBE smoked 3 oz in my entire life. All I meant is that I miss that mystery of not knowing what's going to happen. Now I can expect it, I know exactly what's going on and how to control everything, when you start there's just an excitement to it that you don't get ever again.
  13. Enjoy the beginner times.
    It sounds to be like you're fairly amazed at the experiences etc. But with time, being high will just be an alternative to being sober. There isn't really that much amusement in smoking weed once you've become experienced. It just makes you relaxed, not much else. I don't really have more fun on weed than when I'm not high, as it has just become something ordinary.
    Had a lot of fun the first year I smoked, but it changes slowly.
  14. This right here OP. Pay attention. I know this was amazing and all. But if you really want to keep it that way you can't smoke that often. I'd say maybe 4 times a month. Cause if you keep introducing weed into your life, you will start to get used to the effects. And by the time a year hits you'll notice that mostly everything you said won't be noticeable anymore.

    But if you smoke cause you just like getting high, then by all means smoke as often as you want, jst don't complain about not being as high lol.
  15. Maybe for you, effects other completely different,. Been smoking four years, and being high for be is a lot more of a simple alternative to being sober. Is a way to have fun, like a treat, to me at least

  16. ^^^^^ this sounds like some depressing, burnout type shit man...if thats not how you meant it then fine, but thats definitely how i read it.

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