God dammit fuck steven crowder

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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dv4x2pRMamE&list=SP85933DBA7E52B5B6&index=2]MARIJUANA!! The Truth! - YouTube[/ame]

    Its fucking people like this who make my skin crawl, absolute scum bag FUCKHOLES who make this country the piece of shit it currently is. Talking as if the left is skewing all the facts like such terrible people and then SIMULTANEOUSLY presenting inaccurate and misleading information is just absolute BULLSHIT and I am sad to witness such hypocrisy. This guy is a grade A piece of shit.

    The fact that they actually argue MARIJUANA to be more harmful and potentially dangerous than ALCOHOL... well, that is the point in which they lost all credibility and just became an actual joke. I came into the video pretty undecided and was willing to at least hear their side of the argument, but I realized that he didn't have one so he just made shit up and produced the exact LIES he was complaining about.

    The whole "Big Gulp" part of the video is absolute shit. He isn't just providing false information, he is actually fucking LYING in a video with "The Truth!" in the title. He claims that the Big Gulp has been banned in New York, which is in no way the truth and what the New York Board of Health ACTUALLY outlawed was the sale of drinks over 16 ounces, and in no way prevents refills and what not. The idea is that when you are consciously refilling your cup, you realize you are drinking more, as opposed to buying a 24oz cup and thinking you drank the same as you would in a 12oz cup. Now, that might not be a decision I agree with, but its certainly not the same scenario he described. Not to mention, this was put in place to fix something that actually is an issue, obesity is a horrible issue in NYC and putting policies in place to change that should not be frowned upon.

    I don't need to go more into how bullshit the propaganda itself is. Sure, I could go on about how they display the video as "The Truth!" or how they get most of their input from children and crazy old men, or how he clearly set up the "speakers" (if they are even genuine) to answer his questions wrong, but it speaks for itself.


    For real, I see this twat's face and I shudder. I would post some of his other stupid ass videos but this is the only one thats really relevant to everybody on here. He's also the asshole who marched into a crowd of angry protestors, somehow got into a scuffle with the guy (its unsure who instigated the fight) and then got all hot and bothered like "I WAS JUST APPROACHING SCREAMING AND CURSING PROTESTORS TO TELL THEM THEY WERE STUPID IDIOTS AND I WAS JUST ATTACKED OUT OF THE BLUE!!!"

    And sure, hey, I understand that their is propaganda on both sides, and I'm not arguing with that, bias is bias and its something we deal with, but I can not MANAGE to see such absolute hypocrisy and arrogance from such a scumbag bastard. Being honest, I hope this right wing nut-fuck is right in his religious beliefs just so he can rot in hell for all eternity.

    AND FUCKING SHIT MAN HE USES CLIPS FROM GOD DAMN SUPER TROOPERS? WHAT A FUCKING PRICK! I wish the producers would sue his stupid ass and then make a movie dedicated to his stupidity. Fuckin shit I'd go see it. I might make one myself.

    Oh, and OF COURSE he steps in at the end and basically says, "Hey, if you idiots want to get high and waste your time, thats cool, I'm a Republican so I believe in rights!" Maybe I should be ok with that, its a settling point, but I'm just fucking NOT. I'm not okay with people telling me that this isn't in SOME FUCKING WAY beneficial, only because I know the positive change it could have in certain people's lives. Thats not to say it couldn't have a negative affect, only that I KNOW of its positive and have seen it all around me.

    I can't even tell you how worthless this guy is to me. I can honestly say that steven crowder is not worth capitalization, and I really hope he reads this. In fact, if you are reading this and you can get in contact with him, please tell him he is a disgusting fat cunt.

    Alright, I'm over my rant, I'll just move to Australia and wait for the rest of the world to alienate and possibly destroy the shit-pile that is America.

    I'd also like to say now that I don't identify with either the Democrats or the Republicans, nor do I consider myself a liberal or a conservative. I am simply a voice of reason among barbarians and I demand this Steven Crowder asshole be banished from the village!

    TL;DR: I got really mad and yelled sum cuss wordsses

    Peace out yo :smoke:
  2. Comparing big gulps to marijuana is like comparing fucking big macs to salads.

    How many people die a year due to complications with obesity, and heart problems in the US? Hundreds of thousands.. Soda is addictive because of the chemicals and caffeine and sugar.

    How many died due to marijuana? That's right...a big fat ZERO.

    This guy is king of tools.
  3. I somehow knew this was about weed
  4. Who'da thunk it?!
  5. Basically...fuck him, keep smoking, and the legalization movement continues to grow!!! Sounds good to me man hahaha
  6. this video should make you happy then :laughing:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_F3oev06i0&list=SP85933DBA7E52B5B6]UNIONS ASSAULT ON CAMERA!! - YouTube[/ame]
  7. Steven Crowder...is he some sort of neuroscience expert with extensive knowledge in fields regarding psychology, the human brain, and chemistry? or just a conservative college grad leeching off Daddy's money with a YouTube account and biased opinions?
  8. i think hes a FOX news field reporter actually

  9. Yup and that's all I needed to know lol. Don't really have a political affiliation but damn fuck him :devious:

  10. Couldn't it said it better than that first sentence.

    They are literally defending the actual harmful substances.

    And for that lady to talk about alcohol almost as if she were suggesting that its NOT BAD FOR YOU. Not to mention the things she said are inaccurate and just outright silly coming from somebody who claims to study neuropsychiatry. To say that our bodies our "naturally made to process alcohol" (Which is a god damn poison by the way which by definition makes it something our body naturally REJECTS) and then act as if we AREN'T naturally made to process CANNABINOIDS for which we have RECEPTORS is fucking ridiculous. A quick google search can make most of the things she said sound childish and ridiculous.

    She also goes on to mention how "Oh NO Marijuana alters your Myelinization!" LMFAO. "Myelination" is the general name for the process, "myelinization" is just fancy doctor bullshit and the definition is found under "myelination." Its just a way for her to make the word sound bigger and probably make it harder to Google search. Not to mention the bullshit behind the argument itself, because while Marijuana "reduces the proper growth of the myelin sheath," guess what PERMANENTLY DAMAGES IT? Thats fucking right, ALCOHOL. Guess what else is fucking proven to affect the health of the myelin sheath? FUCKING CAFFEINE! So if you slightly alter the process of myelination its a fucking terrible tragedy but when you straight up fucking damage the myelin sheath itself its O-FUCKING-K? Fuck off with that shit.

    Also, I just realized the clever way they displayed the "Only 1.4% of inmates are in jail for ONLY Marijuana charges!"

    They didn't include charges for intention to distribute, which is what most people in possession of Marijuana get jail time for, and is also why they didn't include this number in their little percentage, because it would be a much higher number.

    Then he rants about how decriminalization won't reduce the amount of it at all... but he uses the most illogical reasoning EVER. Apparently, newly decriminalized Marijuana in Ann Arbor is (was) the best representation of decriminalized drugs GLOBALLY! What he doesn't mention is the fact that the law for decriminalization wasn't even put into place until December 4, over a week after the video was made... Which, in effect, kind of makes his whole video stupid and pointless. Who's the nut-job conspiracist now, DICKFACE?

    And good lord is this guy childish. Fucking remarkably condescending and rude, laughing in the faces of pretty much every opinion but his own. In many of his other videos he REFUSES to listen to opposing views and simply ignores them or walks away... judgmental prick is his new name, and that isn't getting capitalized either.

    Who the fuck allows this guy to be in charge of ANYTHING AT ALL???
  11. Didn't watch the video- got enough going on in my life without getting upset with this particular idiot. :cool:

    So why don't you just track his email down over the net and send him a copy of my List! DARE him to "just read the titles"! :rolleyes: (see the bottom of my sig to get your copy- comes as a PDF attachment, easy to forward)

    Or maybe you could even do a rebuttal video and tear his arguments apart! :devious:
  12. How do you really feel OP?
  13. He is, and normally I don't bother trashing FOX news because they do such a good job themselves, but something about this fuckbag grinded my gears the wrong way and I just had to have a go at him.

    I don't even praise him for his ability to propagandize, that video had way too many very obvious flaws and it took me all of 5 minutes to google search the bullshit info.

    Too bad most of America is stupid as it is and don't bother making sure their information is correct and secure.

    But again, fuck steven crowder man that guy is a total fucking cunt.

    Like an abused dog.

    And hungry. I'm pretty hungry.
  14. well, shit. guess we've been wrong all this time. We better just throw EVERY STUDY FOR THE PAST 30 YEARS out the window! I guess I better just stop smoking forever...
  15. You guys see the amazing atheist video about Crowder?

    I'll post it when I get back he basically claimed to be a victim of a beating. It turns out to be a fight he started of course
  16. I watched a collection of his videos just now. I can't stand him, he's a symbolic icon of media propaganda and lies. When he was going through facts with that police officer in that weird karate dojo (wtf) towards the end about marijuana related deaths, that made me rage pretty hard. He was spewing off meaningless statistics with absolutely no substance to them. It's like when someone is presenting the gateway argument and they'll say "3/10 meth users have smoked marijuana before" is basically the equivalent of saying "6/10 McDonalds customers enjoy fast food".

    All of my rage, man.
  17. honestly can't even watch this video. i know it's going to be 1000% bullshit

    if you think weed is harmful to any degree rather than beneficial, you're obviously living a very sad life
  18. That actually how I found the fuckers channel and moved on to his other stupid ass videos.

    TJ said it best, and I quote:
    That was so worth typing out, holy shit hhahahahahahah that is so funny to read.
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    Glad to see someone who watches Amazing Atheist videos he can be an asshole but I agree with so much he says. Also he has changed my mind on a lot of things....in a way my religious beliefs for one. He made me realize I never really believed in it I was just told to or I would go to hell.

    Here is the video by the way for anyone who is interested

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZbVR5ndNyM]Steven Crowder: LIAR, LIAR. - YouTube[/ame]

    EDIT: And on a light funny note(nothing to do with the thread) just thought I would throw this up


  20. TJ can be extreme in some of the things he says and I don't ALWAYS agree with him but on 85% of the things he says he is generally accurate.

    Not to mention he is pretty fucking funny. Its so fun to see people hate on his videos and what not because he literally feeds off that. I was watching one of his videos earlier where it just flashed a banana on the screen for no real reason at all (it may have been the one you posted). I assume you are familiar with the whole Bananagate thing and what not... Lol.

    The thing I really like about TJ is that he is mature about most things and a lot of the shit he says is satirical. For people to take EVERYTHING he says in his videos seriously would be plain stupid.

    TJ was actually really influential to the past couple years of my life and my political views and what not. Sure he might be a totally biased democrat but like 80% of the country is either one way or the other so that doesn't really matter to me.

    I like that he doesn't pussyfoot around things. And when he gets mad, he gets mad, and he generally says all the shit that I wish I could (for example the quote posted before)

    Probably one of my top 3 favorite Youtubers

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