God dam

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Slilent, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. Been a week n all my normal connects still dry dam :((
  2. I remember those days :(
  3. Yea can't find seeds anywhere here :((
  4. Dry times suck, one day we will all just be able to run to the store and grab a few grams
  5. Usually happens around here to this time of the year, give it just a lil but longer and harvest time will be here.
  6. That would be a beautiful day!
  7. True mn sucks in the winter
  8. Not trying to be arrogant in saying this, but the key phrase there is 'normal connects'. You gotta start getting on the road a bit, drive a town or two over, get a hold of some 'friends of friends' if you want to obtain anything. It sucks, but I have had to do it many-a-time to make shit happen when things in town run dry, but you can make some awesome 'new' contacts that way. Also, if you're with your friends, you can have a fun time and make an adventure out of it, too!

  9. I have no friends to hang with and I'm the getting around to meet folks isn't hard when I love next to mall of america and close to downtown msp
  10. Dude there's lots of good bud in your area. Just gotta look around.
  11. when the river done run dry, ain't no reason to cry... water'll come on back now, ya'hear?
  12. And I'm all good :))

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