God created dinosaures and destroyed them to humble mankind?

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by Kush Lord, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I've always wondered why dinosaurs were created if God exists...

    the best explanation I can come up with is that dinosaurs were created and purposely destroyed so mankind can discover the fossils and be humbled in a way. It really shows us the power and dominance of nature, even huge monster looking creatures are no match.

    Its just something i've always wondered since I was a kid. Make any sense to anyone else?
  2. "Old bones to test our faith in Jesus."

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIwiPsgRrOs]YouTube - "Creation Science 101" by Roy Zimmerman[/ame]
  3. And that's the most pertinent question.

    So do you think this planet is millions of years old? Or do you think the dinosaurs were around ~4,000 years ago?

  4. As Bill Hicks said "Doesn't it seem kinda wierd and scary to worship a god who's perpousely fucking with your head"

    *At the gates of heaven

    St Peter - So did you belevie in dinosours?
    Guy - Yeah, there where fossils everywhere man...
    St Peter - Giant flying lizards! Are you fucking kidding me! God put those there to test your faith! Staright to hell!
    Guy - Nooooo It seemed so plauuuuusible!!
  5. maybe god is a dinosaur?
  6. maybe he made them then us like were the new iphone and there the old model
  7. im serious.

    lets say god WAS a dinosaur, any dinosaur. how about a t-rex. what he did was decide to create a bunch of other dinosaurs, in his image. but they werent acting right so he killed them all with a meteor, kind of like that flood thing but this was before all that.

    so all the dinosaurs were gone, but there were still fossils. so he needed to create someone to find all the fossils.

    we are that someone.

    the meaning of life is to find fossils, and in turn, please our dino god.

  8. Why is this even a question? Obviously this planet is millions of years old.

    I just don't see how anybody can truly be a young-earth creationist these days based on the Bible. What methods did the early Mesopotamians, and later the Hebrews that left them, have to determine the age of this earth? None, whatsoever. So they did what they did best: made up a story to teach truths which were fundamental in their day.

    They didn't have radiocarbon dating. They went by what they had, which were passed down stories, and based on those stories determined the age of the earth to be pretty young. Why people continue to cling to this worldview is beyond me.

    And no OP, God did not create the dinosaurs and then destroyed them to humble mankind. Such is a pretty foolish position.
  9. I knew it may sound really far fetched at first but if a "loving god" exists then I cant think of any better reasons why it would create dinosaurs.
  10. maybe we are the descent of dinosaurs if a T-rex has sex with an alligator what does that give you? a HUMAN...............................................
  11. It doesn't make sense.

    You want to humble us? You don't leave fossils buried in the ground that we would have to dig up and then invent a way to age using science (which to many is the instrument of the devil). You don't do that.

    You'd create and destroy the dinosaurs right in front of us. That'd be pretty hard to write off, but God apparently is too stupid to do it that way.

  12. Perhaps because that loving God had the foresight to let man figure things out on his own. The dinosaurs really helped set up life on earth for us, as did their death. Think of what the death of the dinosaurs means to our infrastructure today.

    Why is it that God must be guiding every epoch of earth history? Why can't God just be that spark that started it all? If God has stepped back, does that make Him anymore less loving?

    I don't see why you're so insistent that God destroyed the dinosaurs. I don't believe He did. An asteroid did.
  13. Why would god try to 'humble mandkind?' What's the reasoning? I've never felt humbled by the size of dinosaurs. Nothing a 50. cal can't handle.
  14. Perhaps dinosaurs were here on earth to help establish proper oxygen levels for humans in the atmosphere?

    Or maybe they are there because we would like learning about them.

    Humans strive for knowledge.

    Maybe the dinosaurs are there to keep us busy?
  15. Dinasaurs were here because they were. Not for a purpose. We aren't he for a purpose. We're here because we're here. They were too, but they died.

    I don't even understand what this discussion is about?

    PS- They weren't here to make fossil fuels. Most fossil fuels is fossilized peat moss and shit from back when the Earth was covered in plants, and shit. Pangea was like a massive, gigantic fucking jungle and shit. Plants everywhere. Just saying. Just pointing out, they weren't here to fuel our cars, if anyone was wondering, which i'm sure no one was. Just being proactive because i'm high.

  16. But where is the proof that was just the spark and he let it all free fall from there. I respect your opinion, but it is so fucking miraculous that we exist. The possibility of Us happening is so perfected. Our earth is perfect for us, our time at which we exist in the universe is perfect. I simply cannot believe that the big bang (if you call that the "spark") made a universe with us in it without the help from God.

    And if the big bang was not the spark, and it was something before then, then the possibility of us happening via a "spark and free fall" would be even less.

    But that also brings up a different scenario. Scientists also believe that there is a possibility that our universe expands to a certain point, then collapses, back to the big bang again. Of course, every time this happens, time as we know it, starts over.

    Maybe you are right about god letting go of the reigns and having us exist naturally. Maybe it has taken millions of universes expanding and collapsing before we finally got to our universe that worked for us.

    I dont mean to quote you for sake of starting an argument, I am just brainstorming ideas and chances are I wont click on this thread again.
  17. Wow,God's a real dick.

  18. If the Earth wasn't perfectly suitable for human life, I guarentee we wouldn't exist. We're made to suit the enviroment. Not the other way around (atheist opinion, ha).

  19. I think we're arguing for the same idea. What I bolded above is exactly the reason I believe in God.

    And I do happen to think the "spark" that started it all was the Big Bang, and that it originated from God. He reflected on Himself, and that was that: the universe and all things in it, every different dimension and molecule we breath in, was created.

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