God CAN give free will, and knows not the future

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  1. God is ALMOST omniscient. He knows all knowledge. But he knows not all.

    Knowledge is every thing that exists and has happened. The future is not knowledge.
    He cannot know what he himself will think in the future at all... And that is what true consciousness is. THAT is the gift he gave to us. That is free will. Maybe he is not powerful enough to turn our consciousness to his own ways? Except for the moving power of the holy spirit.
    Or whatever they believe. :).

    Does that make any sense??
  2. You are attributing human limitations to a divine god. God created time and is therefore not subject to it's law. 'Time' does not exist for God.
  3. Good point.

    BTW, love the sig, Echoes is the shit. :smoking:
  4. so hes a theistic personalist, doesnt mean hes wrong

    imaven, i kinda like what you did there

  5. Haha, thanks. I mean.
    Sometimes I just believe God is limited to the same things as us... But has been around longer so knows hows to manipulate the inner-workings of the universe unlike us?
    Who knows.
    I don't.
  6. so god isn't perfect?
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    I never said that.

    Well... If you said God isn't perfect because of the 'flaw' that he has which is that he can't see the future... Then you are using the term wrong. If it is impossible with the laws of the universe to see the future (and I think God can only see short-term future, and he can see farther in time with a magnitude greater of how much he can affect the world (like men and their consciousness)), then not being able to see it does not make it not perfect... This is because it can't be beyond theoretical improvement, as you can't theorize something that defies the workings of the universe (like not being able to see the, mainly, far-reaching future).
    So, God is perfect in every way :).
    And what I said can coincide with that truth.

    the supernatural being conceived as originator and ruler of the universe.
    Still true.
  8. God cannot be perfect if God's creations are not perfect. If God created me and I am not perfect, then God cannot be perfect.

    "Coincidentally" I cannot predict the future either. ;)
  9. That's the most incongruous thing I've ever heard. So, it is impossible to see into the future, even for a god of omnipotence and omniscience (And it doesn't matter if you say "Well he's not totally omniscient" because that is merely your subjective experience, and has no bearing on what god is because you'd "like it if he was" it) but he can see the short-term future? It's still the future, no matter how insignificantly short it is. And if you mean "cause and effect" well, we can all observe determinism and make causal predictions on what will happen.

    Of course, all of this would matter, if god existed. How unfortunate for your argument.

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