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God called. He's pissed.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, May 10, 2003.

  1. Well in living around here for most of my 43 years something has happened that I've never seen. Oklahoma City is getting waylaid again by tornados! It's 10:30 at night and they've got a major tornado on the ground AGAIN! Had one yesterday.

    I don't think it was me that pissed the big guy off this time!
  2. Jesus! This sucker is huge for this time of night. Going right up I-44! Same track it took 3 years ago. Man. This ain't gonna be good. Watchin some of the OKC stations. There are gonna be some people hurt this time.
  3. yeah, so medical center was hit.. Lots of powerlines down..

    This thing is all on the Turner Turn Pike... I hope no one is hurt..
  4. Good karma to ya' Smokinokie. I swear, I didn't piss God off this bad! A few storms came my direction, but not like OK... Stay low... no, stay high!!!!!
  5. We been having that here in Kentucky too...:( Hope everyone make its out ok
  6. i hope they hear the warnings soon enough and take cover. all the karma i can muster is being sent that way. keep an eye out and stay safe smokie
  7. god didnt do it (unless you believe that god does everything and nothing can oppose the will of god), its a naturally occuring event that can easily be explained by any meteorologist. :D

    good luck to everyone living in tornado ally and anywhere else being struck.
  8. Digit, I don't blame God! Everybody knows it's Satan that causes tornados!

    Can ya smell the sarcasm in the air this morning?:)

    Amazingly e'nuff, despite it's trip up the turnpike, looks like one was killed and just a few injuries.

    Once again, I did'nt get a drop of rain.

    But I got treated to one hell of light show.
  9. HIGH All, glad it missed you's All they show up here. Hope everyone else fairs though this well Also.
  10. Smokie god said that Okie town was the devils paradise.. he said anyone living in that territory deserved what they get..

    I for one don't see the specialality of it though!

    I mean Okies are just peoples too!
  11. So heres a Q for you guys:

    What's worse - a tornado or an earthquake?

    Given the option, I'd have to choose a good ol' Calif. rumbler any day of the week over what you guys got over there. I think my chances for survival in a "duck and cover" situation far outweigh those in a "hang on for dear life" scenario.
    Then again, I've always thought it would be kinda cool to be flippin burgers on the backyard BBQ, while watching my neighbor's mobile home get sucked up into the heavens....
    ...naw, I think I'll stay out West, and continue to pray that everybody in China doesn't all of a sudden decide to jump up and down at the same time....
  12. and its only the beginning of tornado month!

  13. Hey Lord!

    Must be the preference of where you're already at working here. I'd much rather duck and run and risk a trip to Oz than have the whole world go to shaking under my feet. The largest tornado around here was about a mile wide and stayed down for over 70 miles. Still, if ya figger the amount of area missed, your chances are pretty good.

    Every since the big one that happened during the World Series I don't think I'd like to be somewhere where the earth moves unexpectedly. Unless I've taken the proper medication to make it do so!:)
  14. so far i been in a hurricane, 2 tornadoes, floods, and some other of nature's little hiccups... no earthquakes though. i don't much like the idea of the earth opening up and swallowing things.
  15. haha i dont live in any state that has tornados
  16. Aw heck,
    Earthquakes ... tornados ... anthrax...
    I'm sure that there's more than one amongst y'all out there that will agree with me when I say that the key to survival in ANY given disaster situation, whether it be natural or man made, is awareness. As long as we know what we're up against - we take the proper precautionary measures necessary to ensure our survival.

    Unless of course, you happen to hang out with my crew...

    ...(sound of cheesy orchestra in background, as camera pans in slowly on ruby slippers)...........

    ...Has anybody out there ever "surfed" a quake?
    Now before you go tuning me out... just listen up a sec. I'm telling you, there's nothing on earth quite like it...
    Now mind you, this isn't something that I would recommend "kid's try at home", and chances are, most people won't be fortunate enough to find themselves in the optimal conditions for such a stunt at the time of the "crisis", but if you should ever happen to find yourself and a few of your buds out burning a big bowlful on a warm summers eve, basking in the glow of a spectacular Western sunset, at the foothills of a great chain of majestic Sierra peaks... and you hear a low rumble, then begin to wonder why your friend Paul is suddenly nine and a half inches shorter than you...then at least a foot taller ... as you try desperately to extricate the bong from his wavering, seismographical grasp....
    ....Dont run and hide!
    ....Don't duck and cover or hang on for dear life!
    Get up, adjust your hips, start pretending like your the friggin king... do the "hokepokey" or the watusi or whatever you feel comfortable with.... ...and at the top of your lungs, hollar:

    "C O W A B U N G A D U D E" ! ! !


    I gotta tell you,
    my life aint been the same since...
  17. P.S.
    Surfing mobile homes in a quake is also highly recommended, and not without it's share of merits.
  18. hehe im glad all i get is rain 365 days a year

    keep safe peeps

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