God Bless America

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Aug 3, 2002.

  1. I notcied Ive been saying "God bless America" a lot lately..but usually, at least, ive noticed I say it a hell of a lot when im high...I sit there and say I love smoking this weed..I love that i have the freedom and a choice to do this...lol..its ironic? i mean..we are free-er than a hell of a lot of other countries...but we arent free enough...BUT at least I am able to smoke my cheeba....

    im not done...just high...


  2. I don't think it's as free as it should be but I don't live there so what to I know? :D
  3. more like "land of the highly-regulated free who are not allowed to do very much other than hand their money over to the government & behave"


  4. Now ganja you better start behaving yourself right now!!!
    Send your money to me!

    I agree with what you said ganja.

    One thing I have to reply is, I don't see any one leaving the USA. You are free to leave but you are still here. I am not being an asshole just stating a fact.

    The people of the US have things better than most other countries.
    I know some countries have alot more prblems other than a few laws!

    I do believe that the government who is supposed to be "for the people by the people" should start listening to all the people!!!!
  5. I tried to get a visa for america in October 2001 but due to recent terrorist attacks they didn't allow much free movement of it. America is built on immigration so why getting in is so hard is weird to me.

    The issued to a visa to one of the hijackers on sept 11th though six months after he died in the attacks. hehe.

    America I believe is a great country but recent oppressions like the patriot act seem a little excessive to me so I think the american people need to be on their guard. I have trouble believing any government in the UK or the USA.
  6. Thomas Jefferson would be crying right now.
  7. If your country is so free can I come over there and burn your flag? No. Why is that a big thing btw?- IT'S A PEICE OF CLOTH- GET OVER IT...

    Shit- the anti patriotism part of me has awoken... Right- I'm off to kill George W Bush and the Queen (not the band)... haha.

    What really gets me is that people are too quick to blame religion- patriotism and nationalism are completeley overlooked- but they are the biggest problem. Take hitler- he did what he did- not in the name of christianity- but in the name of Germany. What the fuck is that all about? The only exception to the rule that I can think of is the EXTREEME muslims- but muslims are on the whole not bad.
  8. america is a piece of shit, i hate living here and when i'm old enough to get my ass out of here i will. Canada here i come baby. The only way your free in this country is if you have money, its bullshit. yeah maybe some of you can get weed where your at but you can't here, anything you find cost way to fucking much, i'd rather quit, no wait i fucking did! I haven't smoked for about a month, and when i did it was my cousins weed, he had to pay $40 for a dime bag, a fuckin dime, it was ok weed but to get a 8th its $60. whats this world coming to, my dad used to fucking pay $20-40 an ounce when he was my age. this country has so gone to hell in my eyes, but thats just me so don't jump on my ass dissing me.
  9. wow i was FIRED up when I started this thread last night..lol..anyway I just feel like yeah we are so proud and esp patriotic since 9.11 and thats all good and warm and a load of crap. I feel like the day I can harmlessly smoke a joint on my front porch (while the drunk driver smashes into my car on his way home from happy hour, missing my dog by 2 feet) i wont feel "free" as in the freedom this country rings bells with.

  10. Thats actually not against the law anymore, I know setting fire in public gatherings is illegal....

    but the actual burning of the flag isn't illegal, it's just 'rude'

  11. It's like "take off your hat and get those elbows off the table" rude! But not illegal. I don't know...I'm not really into starting fires unless deemed necessary for survival or removal of evidence. However, 3 or 4 years ago, and probably going back even longer...I HATED my country...but now that I am older and know men who have actually fought for us and for others on behalf of us, and have told me about situations in other countries...I LOVE my country and would never burn my flag no matter how much my hatred for our government grew. It means something to me. Despite the fact that it's only cloth, it still means something.
  12. its one thing to hate our current government and the way they run our country...but to hate my actual country is going overboard IMO...
  13. ok your right it isn't really the country i disslike, its this current government, but i don't really see it getting better so i still want to get out of here.
  14. Have you considered cancun mexico? I hear land there is quite cheap and there's plenty of work for stoner gringos...

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