"God Bless America"??

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  1. [b]God bless America[/b]

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  2. Dog bless amerika

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  3. [b]Praise Allah[/b]

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  4. "god" bless everything

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  5. Fuck god, fuck allah, fuck the whole lot of it

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  6. nah.

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  1. ok, just for those who dont know, i dont believe in god, so this doesnt really bother me.

    secondly, this goes for anywhere or anything that people say this about near exclusively. and before someone goes and accuses me of such (as they so often do), i am not anti american. I\'m not anti any nation or the peoples of any nation.

    \"God Bless America\"??

    the point is....
    why do some people say this?
    isnt it a little short sighted in these highly globalised times?
    isnt it even a little arrogant?
    why say \"god bless america\" and not \"god bless\" or \"god bless everything\"?
    Do the people who say that wish to achieve some form of superiority over others who do not have such a blessing?

    and finally.

    isnt it a bit more respectful to that which you worship to give thanks or praise to such rather than always asking more of them?
    example.. \"praise allah\" seems alot more respectful and even less needy than \"god bless *my place*\".
  2. dog bless amerika for sure ;)

    im not really sure where I stand on this. obviously my first opinion is that the idea is bad (im unreligous) and closeminded, but then again, it may not be so cut and dry. it could be merely asking for love. \"god bless america\" is just wishful thinking.

    but if there is a god, then damn rights he\'d bless all us motherfuckers, from the bums and crackheads to the rich and famous, and not just \"america.\"
  3. my question is, why is saying \"under god\" in the pledge of allegiance questioned, but singing god bless america before ballgames not? or is it? I hear more about people getting their panties in a bunch about god in schools..god bless america? it does sound somewhat silly now that I think about it. note, Im not religious, I dont beleive in god, although I am open to the idea of it..I just dont believe in god myself
  4. why are you so fascinated with america..... do you secretly want to be come a citizen digit...lol...
  5. nope.
    i\'m so fascinated with america because the influence of america streatches out and affects all our lives.

    i take an interest in anything that can cause change, prevent change or somehow else have influence over any aspect of my life, the lives of others ro the situation of the world. is that unreasonable? i would have thought the world would be a better place if everyone had such concerns.

    hehe, sorry, i know you werent really looking for an answer to that.. but u got one anyway. :D
  6. \"If God was alive he would hate you anyway.\"


    In my own words (rather than those of Mr M. Manson), if God was around to see what a state this world is in, he wouldn\'t be pleased let me tell you that.

    He\'s probably do something a little like this.

    \"Hmph! Nay a single blessing shall I rain upon thee!\"

    *casually walks off into the cosmos to check on one of his other creations*

  7. Something will have an influence over your life only if you let it. The cop living across the street could easily influence how I live my life but I don\'t let him. If you feel that your life has been adversely affected by America then you let that happen. You choose to not be aloof and you choose to let it consume your thoughts.

    As far as \"God Bless America\"...it\'s one of our countries songs....composed by an immigrant. Here\'s a link...


    As far as saying it...in the south, where I live, people say \"God Bless...\" pretty much everything. They use it with the world, America, Bobby Jo, the President, \"that poor little man down the street\", \"her foul mouth\", \"this meal we are about to eat, \" that idiot\"...we don\'t just use it for ourselves as a country and one doesn\'t have to be religious to say it since it is mostly just a saying.
  8. God Bless you RMJL!!!!!!!!
  9. Politicians say it because most people who believe in god vote. Damn Digit, you just wanted to make my fingers all sore from typing, din\'t ya?

    God bless America. What is America? Capitalism. God bless capitalism? Hmm, if there was a god he\'d most likely bless some undiscovered tribe living somewhere on a little island in a remote corner of the world, untouched by the modern world. People living in harmony with nature? If god blesses America, that means that capitalism, greed, decadance, sloth, indulgence, and the whole list of sintacular shizzle has the blessing of god. This would mean god is a hypocrite. Hypocrite i someone dishonest in principle, like someone who is lying. Is god lying? If so, is anything god says true? How can you ever know? By this reasoning god is evil, not good. This means that god bless america, in god we trust, one nation under god, etc, really says \"america is the evil empire\". Could this be?

    let\'s examine. God makes guest appearnces, a cameo role of sorts, on all those little green pieces of paper that the capitalist society throws us into the melee to compete for, which are in limited supply. Under the capitlaist system, it\'s good to have a lot of these lil green things. These little green things perhaps by chance, perhaps not, become soemthing that causes death and destruction, crime, murders, dishonesty, and a whole host of unethical behaviour, including international war crimes and global terrorism and and assimilation of all whom we \"liberate\".

    The fact that america has not been smitten (no, 9/11 was not smite, it was just \"business as usual\" for the capitalists) either proves that god does not exist, or that god is evil. If god is evil, then what is the yang to that ying? Satan? Not really, because although satan is god\'s antithesis, they are still one in the same. evil begets evil.

    If god=evil and satan=evil, then what about allah? allah is how people from over there pronounce the word god, just like mexicans say queso but we say cheese, different, but the same. What about hinduism? I suppose that it\'s possible that when recording of history beagn a spiritual leader could found a purty lookin mushroom or whatever, and saw an elephant that is appeased by milk, and a 9 armed crazy lookin chick who will rip your head off in an act of divinity, or however it\'s looked at (i admit i am fairly uneducated in hinduism), maybe this guy had a long talk with a cow and that cow screamed \"don\'t eat me maaaaan!\" Budah was a stoner, you can tell, although mellow, happy and obviously afflicted with a mad case of the munchies, still would not be the antitthesis of god, because buddah is a perpetual question, one which cannot be answered but must be asked. Buddah is stoned.

    So where is this \"goodness\" that all these people who believe seek?

    It\'s within you, it\'s chained by precocieved thought and the key is held by your \"invisible man in the sky\". When you realize the invisible man in the sky holds a ket to a very strong shiny rustproof lock, you despair, and believe not much out of choice. But wait, there\'s more! If you look really closely you see the lock is connected to a chain. The links closest to the lock are a slight bit oxidized, tarnished, and weathered. As you look further along the chain, it gets progrssively weaker. If you look far enough you realize that the chain is completely corroded through somewhere about halfway between either end, and that it\'s not actually connected where you think it is.

    Wait a minute, I\'ve been trying to figure out how to pick locks when i should have just loked the other way and realized what direction freedom was in! Yes, freedom of the caged mind!

    Oh yeah, and,,,,,


  10. The saying \"God Bless America\" is the equivalent of telling a person with a fatal gun shot wound to the head \"You\'re going to be okay...\"

    The saying sticks around to console those who haven\'t yet realized, that if there really is a Hell, we are all royally fucked...

    I do believe this is arrogant...
    Conceit plagues America\'s history and threatens its future...
    To think that if any God truely existed that he would be obligated to bless such a place is pure arrogance...

  11. No...
    I am not Anti-American or Anti-God...
    I\'m just pissed off about alot of things...
  12. i believe in the oneness the main source of all our nrg, the thing that has put us here in the first place.
  13. America can do just fine without the constant blessiings of Mr. Omnipotence.

    so can the rest of the world

    Nice avatar Ens-Entium :)
  14. Nice avatar indeed! I almost thought you were KraziHare for some drunk/stoned reason.
  15. \"Gott Bei Uns\"

    (God is with us-German)

    On every beltbuckle of every Wehrmacht soldier (Except the SS of course, who did not believe in god, pagans y/k...) during WW2

    taking god on your side is just as good as proclaiming that you really don\'t have any real justification.

    it\'s god you know...
  16. abso fucking lutely.

    so next time someone acuses me of being anti american i\'ll accuse them of being anti cannabis. hehe.
  17. Bullshit i say amanita. this is a philosophical debate concerning the nature of religion and politics. i ask that it be left open, please. there\'s no hate here... if you censor such mellow debate as this then you invite oppression and excessive censorship. :p

    it was not my intent to spread a word of fear or hate, or any such negaitivity. very much the opposite, this was made out of in part some compassion for my fellow humans.

  18. lf all the people of the world got together without religon and politics we would have Grasscity.lol.p.s. Thought prevoking poll digit [​IMG]
  19. I dont believe myself but dont hate other who do.
    I had people say all the time \"why dont you believe and try to make me,we just start to fight about it so i tend to stay out of it and say nothing.

    This post you have makes for great talk but it may start to get heated some.
  20. Thats why we have mods my friend :D
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