God Bless America

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  1. Has anyone seen this movie? Seems intriguing..
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul4CZrnEFxU&feature=player_embedded]God Bless America Trailer - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Really?

    That is just fucked up.
  3. lol that is great... I'd see it.
  4. Thank goodness im not the only person whose thought of doing this...

  5. This movie looks great.
  6. Watched this last night. Wasn't too bad. Acting was eh but you shouldn't expect much. If you find the premise interesting it may be worth it to watch. Not too long and it kept me entertained, a couple spots dragged but they were fine.

    LMK if you want the torrent link.
  7. this looks *extremely* stupid. thats an understatement. i'm actually not sure if this is legit. am i being trolled? is this a paraody of something? i dont get it.
  8. im so going to watch this. it. looks. amazing.
  9. it looks like it's trying to play off the counterculture. it's TRYING to play off the people who "omg celebrities r so stoopid" "omg fuck da kardashians" etc and it's trying too hard. i dont know how to explain it any further but it pisses me off because the producers filmed something they know would hit certain people who are "fed up" with celebs, and by doing so made it...exactly what i hate. idk. maybe if i was sober this would be easier toexplain. pisses me off thogh. i hope it's a joke and not real.
  10. holy shit!
  11. aaaand it's working. =/

  12. just relax my friend!:) heres a baby platypus

  13. [quote name='"Tle"']

    just relax my friend!:) heres a baby platypus


    Dammit look how cute those fuckers are

  14. dude check out this dam bunny!!

  15. cutest thread jacking ever.


  16. that's the cutest damn bunny i've ever seen.
  17. Fuck that movie. I want to see more baby platypusies ( not sure on the spelling)

    Also I'm laughing like a little girl when see those photos

  18. hahah i know!!:) I've been following dark smoker around quoting him and posting cute animal pics, i dont think he's noticed!:smoke:



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