God and Afterlife

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  1. Hey dudes...

    last night we smoked 4 joints of an unknown grass (street stush) and we were talking about religius and god's judgement when the end of the world will come. :)

    after "serius" thought this is my conclusion:

    if there is somewhere up there an intelligent and more developt life form (i.e God, Buddha, Zeus, and Iris) from us, and he sees us like we see the ants ( so small and billions of us) and all he does is keep a record on our life achievments and sins..... and he's takin' notes for each and every one of us and waits until he decides that the end of the world will be on this -X date....well.... i think he's a big time LOOSER.

    i mean... com'on... don't you have anything better to do? you are a god... go for a little trip on the next galaxy... talk to Buddha, smoke a joint....

    and, doesn't he believe that there is an even more intelligent form of life somewhere up there? does god believes in his god? and so on....

    christians believe that Jesus come down to earth to help the human race. not everyone believed in him since he didn't do anything amazing to prove them wrong. or , make them believe that ...YES...this is a GOD...

    couldn't he fire thunders from his ass, fly around...i don't know...something!!!!! i bet every single human being would have said: this is our GOD....

    his companions and their life in general remind me of the episode from Monty Pythons and the song that goes: always look at the bright side of life....hehehehehehe

    that's about it (as Babba said to Forrest Gump)

    good shit!!! no doupt about that...worth every cent!!!!

  2. My opinion is that religious experts push this idea on people because it's an incredible psychological boost to feel that you're important enough to be scutinized by the supreme ruler of the universe, the biggest dog there is.

    As far as the afterlife is concerned, if it exists I think the requirements are a lot laxer than people are letting on.

    Honestly, if Ghandi came up to the pearly gates, is St. Peter really going to say "Sorry Moe. You lead an honest life and helped your fellow man more than anyone on earth, but you aren't a Christian, so you're going to hell."

    IMO, the most important thing is to be a good person and treat your fellow beings with respect. But then again, shouldn't one do that regardless of possible eternal repercussions? :)
  3. Check your shorts.

  4. I to'ally agree.

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  5. As do I!

  6. I guess they'd let em in. There are about as many concepts about God as there are people, that's a lot. Being individuals, we will never see thru anyone elses eyes. Just don't think you are god and you're half way there. Merry XMas
  7. Think about it Ghandi, Einstein, and a shit load of other people that haven't used there religion like Columbus to kill millions of Native Americans or Indians as the Arabs have definately nearly all organized religions have fucked other people over in some way.

    The only ones that keep to themselves and foster peace are Buddism, Hunduism, and Judaism- all the others require something or give a person a rank or inspire jealousy.

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