Go Tribe! Fuck The Yankees!

Discussion in 'General' started by KingPins, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Fuck the Yankees!!

    Lets Go Tribe!!!!!

    Indains lead 3-1 bottom of the 2nd.

    Anyone else loving this Game 1?
  2. I cant stand the Yankess and there fucking organization. Im not a tribe fan but fuck yea man.. anybody who plays the yanks im rooting for. I hope the yanks get embarassed tonight
  3. watching right now, and im sad why must my team be the objest of so much hate:D
  4. fuck dat noise !!

    pinstripes all day everr day:cool:
  5. Because they just try to buy championships and the fans are only loyal when they are winning. Look how New York turned on the Mets.

    Go Tribe.

    CC is looking fucking beautiful right now. I hope he can carry it through atleast 6 tonight.
  6. fuckin braves missed out so i dont really care what happens now

    go db or rockies
  7. go basketball :p:smoking:
  8. Yeah, I like the rockies from the NL.. I like underdogs, and I really like how they rallied to finish the season.
  9. sounds like someones jeoulous of there sucess:p but there are losing right now soo ill shut up. anyone wana take bets on this game?
  10. Ill bet you.

    If you win, I will put whatever you want as my signature.. for 1 week from when you give me it

    If I win, and the Indians win.. I get to make your signature and you have to keep it for a week.

    And not for 1 game, for the series!
  11. 4-1 On a solo shot by AC
  12. To show im a true fan im down WHATEVER you want, within the rules a course:metal:
  13. so do you agree with the terms?

    when the tribe win, you'll put whatever signature i make for you, for a week?
  14. sorry for the double post but im on call at work some one let me know if i lost or not PEACE got to
    go to work

    GO YANKS!!!!!!!
  15. GO YANKS!!! 4-3 and about to be alot more. And for all of you Yankee haters out there, jealousy is a terrible thing to dwell on. Go Capitalism!
  16. 7-3 Now. :D Cleveland.

    its not jealousy, its common sense.. nearly every other sport has a salary cap, baseball shouldnt be an exception.
  17. 9-3, bottom 5th

    this game is fucking sweet.. I know New York will make a run and keep this shit interesting.

    this is going to be a great series and a great offseason... atleast watching the AL
  18. Damn it!. Wang didn't have his stuff tonight and we are in trouble. A sinker ball pitcher can't keep leaving pitches up in zone like that. I mean 2 homers?!?!

    Andy is going to dominate tomorrow night so I'm not too worried about that but I'm scared of Roger's game 3.

    Go Lebron James!!!!!
  19. I dont know about Petitte against Carmona.. dont forget that Carmona has won 19 games this year and has a pretty good ERA... I think he will definetely make it interesting.

    And as an Indian fan, im looking forward to hitting against Clemens, i think we will have a field day against him in New York.

    Tonight the Indians bullpen went 4 innings allowing 1 hit... whoever thinks Perez, Betancourt, and Borowski is weak, check the stats.

    Go Tribe!

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