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Go Today If You Can!

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. On friday night I smoked a half ounce walking the streets of vancouver with my friend jackie, and then we went to see Laser Radiohead. It was INCREDIBLE!!

    All radioheads greatest hits plus a few new ones, perfectly timed with an amazingly trippy set of images, videos, and laser, displayed over a background of the northwest night sky (it was in the planetarium.)

    it was very cool. took about 50 minutes, i was in awe the hole time.

    if anyone else gets a chance to see this show, i totally recommend it, its worht every penny.

    and for those who arent fans of radiohead, or dont know them well, then i recommend going even more! the first song of the show was the VERY first Radiohead song ive ever heard. i didnt know what to expect and it was great. very trippy psycadelic style stuff.

    Laser Floyd is also great, but i must say Radiohead was better.
  2. i saw the word aser and started hperventilatingf
  3. Hey can anyone tell me which Radiohead song/cd had that one song with the music video that is like.. stop go animation I think.. and it was all about "happiness" being marketed and sold all around the world out of stores like a product?
    Not that I download stuff anymore.. but I wanna know. Soon as I have a job my first check or 2 is going towards cds and dvds.
  4. mr criminal i think the song ur thinking of is "hell bent" by Kenna

    u can find the video on kazaa

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