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Go to this link if you want to trip balls...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Helljumper, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. threaded

    I found this on Reddit. Last night I was on a good edible high. 5 seconds of this link scared the shit out of me. Next time I'm high, I'm gonna try to power through the entire thing.

    Be warned though, just from reading the rest of the comments for the original Reddit post, this really scarred a lot of people. It seems like after watching this, some people feel like they've just been brainwashed or lost part of their personality.
  2. i went through that thing, its pretty strange. scary? not really. been brainwashed, lost part of their personality? they must be retarded

  3. i don't know what you were smoking...but whatever it was get me some of that :smoking:
  4. I don't even wanna watch that right now, it's already creepy and I gotta go to bed to wake up in five hours for work. Maybe after work.
  5. This is some salad fingers type shit right heer. :eek:
  6. I'll check it out when it's daytime...
  7. my computer feels like it's been inappropriately touchedish
  8. Trust me its some corny ass stuff... the worst thing that'll happen to you is you'll drop some ash on your knee.
  9. Lol Just got through it... its not scary, more like strange. Also it's interactive and I didn't realize that till half way thru.
  10. I agree that this is probably really stupid while sober. But let me explain how I felt while watching this last night (I am now completely sober).

    While I was very high last night, I felt as if the video was designed specifically to fuck with people who were high. Like a bunch of the little details and sounds thrown in would go unnoticed by a sober person. But everything was put together in a way where it would only appeal to the mind of a high person. I felt as if this was put together by some crazy scientists who studied how the mind works while high. And after some experiments, they were able to figure out exactly how the human mind works (while high) and how to control it (to bring about certain feelings of personal detachment).
  11. I forgot to check it out lol
  12. what the fuck did i just watch
  13. WTF was that?
  14. Watched it sober, not going to try high lest I fuck myself up for life >_>
  15. that was fucking weird

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