Go to school with a playmate?!

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. For those who know, or don't, I'm finishing my senior year (HS) because I took an extra long break my junior year... well I guess I dropped out. But I'm also enruled at the local community college, DBCC. Which is shitty but it needs to be done if I want to go to a university since I fucked up so bad in high school. Not the point though.

    My friend and I have noticed this girl. Kinda hard not to, anyways, he sends me her myspace today, tells me, and I didn't believe him. Surely enough she is. I was fucking tripping. I was tripping even harder when I found her online.

    I'm jealous I don't have a class with her, my friend does. theres no way hes going to be able to pay attention now. It's pretty sweet cause I don't have to talk to her to see the goodies. Ahahahaha.

    I'm loving life :smoke:

    behold fellow co-student Amber Elise

  2. wow man she's totally hot. You have to try and meet her somehow
  3. are you fucking kidding me

    go home you sloppy bastard

    i refuse to believe you!!

  4. whoooooaaaahh....

  5. Yea shes hot and all, but...

    ....she did a piss poor job on shaving the ol' legs for the photoshoot.

    I would be all over that, shit, man.
  7. Now, i LOVE women, but you guys are acting like fucking animals. She's a beautiful woman, but she's stilla human. Erryone keeps sayin "try to get with her" or "I'd fuck her" and shit. I mean damn you guess, really disappo9inting, you act like a bunch of nerdy middle school boys who jus hit puberty.

    Women aint jus fuck toys.
  8. Not where I was getting at, at all. If anything I'd rather to chill with her on a real note. Just don't see it happening. From what I know about her shes pretty freaky. She loves getting perv'd on. Probably wouldn't do porn if she didn't enjoy it.

  9. Pretty freaky, loves getting perved on, hit it.

    Yeah girls are much more then sex toys, but this girl just HAS sex toy written on her. I mean good housewives who don't cheat on you don't go and do porn or shoot for a magazine. Please. Obviously this girl wants it, so give it to her. Thats what she likes.

    Oops my bra fell off gotta touch my heels to pick it up! Brothers, please, realize this.

    If you want to be her friend go ahead, probably get some anyway.
  10. You make it sound like I would pass up a chance if I got it. Pshh!
  11. DA DA DA DA DAAAYYYYUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMM hit that son! do whatever it takes
  12. Haha.

    If he don't hit it I'm flying down there and hitting it myself. :p
  13. She's pretty cute.
  14. dude every time I open this thread it makes me jealous of you...
  15. with i could post... other things
  16. Naw, but chicken head ass playboy models are.
  17. Damn, I want to +Rep you for that comment but I have to spread the reputation around first.

    This is retarded.
    A bunch of supposedly mellow, happy stoners act like disgraceful nerds.
    She's hot, yeah, but do we really give a damn if you want to have sex with her?
    Being a Playmate would pay well, so, maybe she's in it for the money..not because she wants to be fucked every minute of every day?
  18. Don't get too worked up, I thought it was cool a national playboy model goes to my school and was surprised. Theres no chance in hell I'd be able to do anything with her so I'm not even worried about it. It doesn't change the fact that she really is kinky as fuck in person. Shes a nude model. I bet majority of people on this board would want to do a porn star. Whats there not to understand about how awesome it is to see an amazing hot chick who you never thought you actually see then find her in her birthday suit online. I don't see how it's disgraceful either, it's her job. Everyday people look at random hot chicks in public and want to do them, it's human nature. It doesn't mean we think about all women shallowly or want to use them, or don't want to build a relationship.

    It's just a girl that is beyond my league, in age, wealth, not to mention shes already taken. If anyone here can seriously tell me if they found out an extremely hot girl at your school had pictures online you wouldn't look at them. It's not like I'm obsessing over it. Just thought I'd share it with the City

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