"Go time" with the HPS

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by farside12, Dec 4, 2002.

  1. Well, I just got everything finished and turned on. Just waiting now for any smell of smoke or otherwise (with a fire extingusher near at hand).

    That thing is bright!!!

    The "new" bulb I got was broken, but it came with an extra "used" bulb that works fine..will have to replace that soon.

    I put a glass baking dish on the floor of the flowerbox(full of water) to hopefully put some water in the air via evaporation.

    Will write again in another few hours to let you all know how things went/are going..

  2. Well, all..my house is still standing.

    After keeping a close watch on the thing for about 2 hours, I've come to the conclusion things are going to be fine. I put my hand inside to feel how cool it is in there. A-OK! Little warm but nothing to write home about. Air circulation is awesome. I think I have light leaks taken care of. Hmm.. what else....the ballast is still pretty cool to the touch and the carboard part itself is hardly warm on the outside, so I assume the inside is pretty close to the same temp.


    (Exhaling Big Sigh of Relief)

    I think Tiny Tim will have some big buds for Christmas after all! Wink Wink ;)

    Oh Yeah..I know it's only been 2 hours, but the plants seem to be "soaking it up", can't wait to see what they look like tomorrow. Those little beasties were growing like madmen (err.. madwomen..fingers crossed ;) ) under the flouros, so let's see what they will do under this one.


    Later all, off to bed for me,

    Until this evening,

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